Price of POP Cement in Nigeria (2022)

The Price of White POP Cement in Nigeria

The use of Plaster of Paris Cement popularly known as POP Cement in Nigeria for building constructions, decoration and designs is on increase.

Price of POP Cement in Nigeria

This phenomenon has created a huge demand for the use of the cement also called white cement in Nigeria.

Without much delay, this post centers on the cost of white (POP) cements in Nigeria.

So, to find the current accurate price of white POP cements in Nigeria keep reading this article.

The price of POP Cement in Nigeria is determined by law of demand and supply as well as forex and government policies on importation of POP and white cement into Nigeria.

Because of the name, Plaster of Paris we belive the cement must have originated or first used in Paris.

Nevertheless, its use in Nigeria has come to stay. The use of white POP cements in building construction in Nigeria is becoming increasingly prevalent.

The white POP cement not only gives beautiful designs and looks but it is also strong and durable especially when used very well.

The good thing about this wonderful development and the use of white POP cements in house construction in Nigeria is that, the POP Cement is cheap.

It is not as expensive as people would have guessed. Though is is still not as cheap as the traditional concrete cements used for solid and strong constructions.

Price & Cost of White POP Cement in Nigeria

The average price of white POP cements in Nigeria is N7500 for 25kg bag and N9500 for 40kg bag of white POP cement.

The cost of white POP cement in Nigeria can shoot up especially when there is scarcity of forex.

This is because, the cement is imported into the country and not locally sourced. The price of white POP cement in Nigeria can differ among different dealers based on certain logistics.

Nevertheless, the difference in price is likely to be insignificant and not much.

Current Price of White Plaster of Paris (POP) Cement in Nigeria

Below is the current price list and cost of POP cement in Nigeria.

White POP Cement 25kg: N7000 to N7500 per bag

White POP Cement 40kg: N9500 to N11500 per bag

White POP Cement Use in Nigeria

The use of white POP Cement in building construction in Nigeria is mostly restricted to designs and beautification purposes.

This is because of several reasons. The cement is not as strong as the traditional concrete cement.

It is also very expensive. Also, white POP cements is likely to costs more or be more expensive in top Nigerian cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt than Nnewi or Ilorin.

How Much Can One Use to Start White POP Cement Business in Nigeria

The capital for POP cement business in Nigeria is not cheap. That withstanding, it can be started with a decent capital.

POP Cement business is very lucrative in Nigeria. The business is booming and is yet to witness high influx of investors.

Venturing into sales of POP cement is a good business in Nigeria.

An amount in the region of around N1 million can kick start POP cement business in Nigeria.This is excluding logistics like warehouse and storage facilities.

Also, a new entrepreneur going into the business will be helped more if they keep close contacts with builders and building construction engineers.


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