How Much is Price of Prepaid Meter in Nigeria (2024)

Prepaid Meter in Nigeria: Price & Cost

Despite the federal government National Mass Metering programme which is aimed at freely giving and installation of prepaid meters to consumers, not many people get electricity prepaid meter free in Nigeria.

Price of Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

One of the innovations that came with privatization of electricity distribution in Nigeria is move from analogue electricity meters to digital and smart meters popularly known as prepaid meters.

After power privatization programme in Nigeria, the federal government through Nigeria ministry of power promised to see to a free mass metering programme across power consumers in Nigeria.

This effort till date didn’t come to fruition as many Nigerians power consumers bought and are still buying prepaid meters in Nigeria.

In this article, we will providing the cost and how much prepaid meters are sold in Nigeria.

Finding the current price of prepaid meter in Nigeria will help consumers budget adequately before applying for prepaid meter in Nigeria.

How Much To Get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The price and cost of prepaid meter in Nigeria is based on the type of meter.

Prepaid meters comes in single phase meter and three phase meter.

The price for getting both type of prepaid meters in Nigeria differs.

Power consumers in Nigeria are at liberty to apply for any of these types of electricity prepaid meters in Nigeria.

Price of Single Phase Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The current cost of getting single phase prepaid meter in Nigeria is N81,975.16k

This is a sharp increase from N44,900 which single phase prepaid meter was previously sold at before the current price as announced by Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

This single phase prepaid meter price cover price of EEDC, PHED, IEDC, AEDC, BEDC & EKEDC single phase prepaid meter.

Price of Three Phase Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The three (3) phase prepaid meter in Nigeria currently cost N143,836.

This three phase prepaid meter price covers for most Disco companies like EKEDC, AEDC, EEDC, PHED & BEDC.

Before now, the price of three (3) phase prepaid meter was N109,643.

This is also the current price of prepaid meter in Lagos and Port Harcourt as well as other major cities in Nigeria.

Prepaid Meter & Estimated Bills : Which is Cheaper in Nigeria

Arguments about which is cheaper between estimated bills and prepaid meter has lingered.

Facts has shown that prepaid meter is far more cheaper to use than estimated bills in Nigeria.

Also, prepaid meter which is a “pay as you go” concept is best used in Nigeria because of incessant power failures witnessed.

There is a notion that with prepaid meter, use of heavy power consumption appliances will be limited.

To put in the right way, prepaid meter makes consumers to use power responsibly.

It does necessarily stop them from using their appliances.

Overall, prepaid meter is cheap to use and often times saves more money for consumers than estimate bills.

How To Get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The major and easiest way to get prepaid meter in Nigeria is to apply for acquisition of prepaid meter through the electricity distribution company covering the jurisdiction like IKEDC, EKEDC, PHED.

Application for prepaid meter in Nigeria can be done online or offline.

For offline application, customers will need to visit any major office of DISCO covering the territory and apply.

How Long Does it Take to Apply & Get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

It could take as long as 3 months to apply and successfully get prepaid meter installed in a building.

While it could take about 3 months of application to get payment order issued for prepaid meter, the good step is that from date of payment, it takes about 10 – 15 days to have prepaid meter provided to customers.


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