Price of Rice in Nigeria (December, 2023)

Price of Bag of Rice in Nigeria.

The price of rice in Nigeria has skyrocketed, thanks to some factors such as, recession, inflation and severe flooding.

Price of rice in Nigeria

More importantly, Federal government legislation on foreign rice, which is ban on importation of foreign rice into Nigeria also played a key role in high price of 50kg bag of rice in Nigerian market.

This article will seek to review the current price of rice in Nigeria.

Food is one of the three basic needs of man and rice is the most consumed and generally enjoyed food in Nigeria.

The cost of bags of rice in Nigeria has made many people to patronise local rice in Nigeria which it’s price is cheaper.

Nigeria is one of the biggest producers of rice in west Africa but her large population has left the country struggling to be self sufficient in rice production.

The price of rice in Nigeria markets are sold according to its quality.

The best rice in Nigeria markets remain foreign rice this is because of its quality.

This is also followed by another quality known as local – foreign.

This is Nigerian local rice that is are well processed and treated.

Then, there is ordinary local rice. All these categories of rice in Nigeria are sold at different prices in Nigeria markets.

Currently, the average price of a bag of rice in Nigeria is N38000.

This price is for 50kg bag of rice. In this post, we will be providing our audience with the cost of rice in Nigeria market.

The prices of rice in Nigeria markets to discussed here includes both foreign and local rice.

How Much Is Bag of Rice in Nigerian Market: Cost of Rice in Nigeria Market

The current price of bag of rice in Nigeria varies depending on they type of rice: foreign or local.

Also the quality of rice in Nigeria determines the price of the rice in Nigeria.

Well and good processed rice in Nigeria tend to be more expensive and cost higher than less processed rice in Nigeria.

Below is the prices of rice in Nigeria market.

This cost of rice can be relied upon as it is the true price of rice in Nigeria Currently.

Price of Foreign Rice in Nigeria

How Much is Bag of Foreign Rice in Nigeria

Despite the ban on foreign and imported rice into Nigeria markets, foreign rice is still very much available in the Nigerian markets thanks to smugglers and saboteurs of government policies.

The price of foreign rice in Nigeria ranges between N38,000 to N42,000.

This price of foreign rice in Nigeria is for 50kg bag of rice.

Price of Local Rice in Nigeria

How Much is Bag of Local Rice in Nigeria

A bag of well and highly processed local rice in Nigeria ranges between N30,000 to N35,000.

This is the high quality local rice in Nigeria popularly referred to as local foreign rice.

This price of local rice in Nigeria is for 50kg bag of rice.

Price of Ordinary Local Rice in Nigeria

A bag of ordinary local rice in Nigeria market goes between N27,000 to N30,000.

This is local rice of low quality. This type of Nigeria local rice might demand that buyer de-stone the rice after purchase.

Prices of Popular Rice Brands in Nigeria

In this section we will provide prices of some well known rice brands in Nigeria

Price of Big Bull Rice

The price of big bull rice in Nigeria is sold between N38,000 to N43,000 for 50 kg bag

Price of Coscharis Rice

A bag of 50kg Coscharis rice is sold between N40,000 to N44,000 currently in the market.

Price of Caprice in Nigeria

The price of 50 kg bag of cap rice is between N43,000 to N45,000.

Price of Umza Rice

Umza rice price in Nigeria Currently is N37000 per 50 kg bad.

Price of Royal Stallion Rice in Nigeria

Royal Stallion rice is one of the best quality foreign in Nigeria market.

The price of Royal Stallion rice is around N43,000 to N45,000 per 50kg bag.

Price of Mama Gold Rice

N38,000 to N41,000 per 50 kg bag.

Price of Tomato Rice in Nigeria

A 50 kg bag of tomato rice in Nigeria is sold around N37,000 to N40,000.

Price of Lake RiceĀ 

A 50 kg bag of Lake Rice is currently sold between N39,000 to N41,000.

The Cheapest Place to Buy Rice At Onitsha, Anambra State

The cheapest places to buy rice at Onitsha is located at Ochanja Market.

The place is called rice Market, ukwu mango. Along Ochanja – Upper Iweka road, Onitsha.

This is the place to buy rice cheap in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Also, local rice can be bought at very cheap price at rice producing communities in Anambra State like Omor town, Mpiata Anam.


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