Cost Price of Standard Table Tennis Board in Nigeria (2023)

Table tennis is one of the most popular and played indoor games in Nigeria.

Cost of standard table tennis board in Nigeria

It is a very thrilling and exciting game when played on standard table tennis board by players good at it.

This post will focus on the price of standard table tennis board in Nigeria.

For those who wishes to install the indoor game, one of the first logistics to consider is the cost of buying standard table tennis board in Nigeria.

Table tennis is an indoor game played by 2 or 4 players at a time.

The game involves hitting a light small sized ball with racket over a table divided by small sized net.

It is an indoor game because it is mostly played in house. Nevertheless, it can as well be played in the open.

Table tennis can be played at homes, hotels, offices, schools and clubs.

It is very popular game in Nigeria alongside football.

Of all the equipments that are needed for standard table tennis games, the table tennis board is the most expensive table tennis equipment.

For amateur who want to play the game, it may not be necessary buying the standard original table tennis board.

This is because of how much table tennis board is sold in Nigeria.

The game can as well be played on wooden table made of hard wood.

However, the game is best enjoyed on standard marked table board.

In this blog post, the price of standard table tennis board in Nigeria will be provided.

To be found in this article also is the cost of other table tennis equipments such as original table tennis balls, original table tennis racket popularly called (table tennis bat) in Nigeria.

We will not forget to provide the cost of table tennis net in Nigeria. Inotherwords, this article will review the complete set of table tennis price in Nigeria.

All these and more about table tennis will be discussed in this exciting article about table tennis in Nigeria.

Cost of Best Table Tennis Board in Nigeria

How much original best table tennis board is sold in Nigeria can be mind blowing to those without table tennis board price knowledge.

Best and original table tennis boards in Nigeria are those that are light, hard and be able to produce pressure required to keep the tennis ball bouncing seamlessly.

Also, best standard table tennis broad must be able to withstand heat or moist without affecting the flow of the game.

The original table tennis board should be able to stand test of time especially when handled with care and precautions.

It would not decay, wither or breakaway. These are some of the qualities of best and original standard table tennis board.

Price of Table Tennis Board in Nigeria

How much original table tennis board is sold in Nigeria will be discussed in this segment of the post.

Standard table tennis board in Nigeria cost price is between N240,000 to N300,000.

The price disparity can be as result of factors such as location and dealer that is selling.

However, with above price range for table tennis board in Nigeria one can procure a good standard table tennis board in Nigeria.

Price of Table Tennis Racket in Nigeria

This cost of Original table tennis racket in Nigeria is between N7000 to N15,000.

This is for professional table tennis racket price in Nigeria.

Cost of Table Tennis Net in Nigeria

Table tennis net is very important equipment for playing the table tennis game.

It should be replaced once it’s gone bad or torn. This cost price of tablet tennis net in Nigeria is between N5000 to N7000.

This is how much quality table tennis net is sold across Nigeria.

Cost of Original Table Tennis Ball in Nigeria

Buying or getting substandard table tennis ball can be frustrating and can leave one buying more and more.

It is always cheaper to buy the original table tennis ball.

The cost of original table tennis ball in Nigeria is around N3000 for I dozen of table tennis ball.


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