Price of Trip of Stone in Nigeria (2024)

Building Stone Cost in Nigeria

Stones are very vital in house and other constructions. They are part of the major building materials especially in Nigeria.

Cost of stone in Nigeria

Stones are majorly sold in tons popularly called trip in Nigeria.

Find out the current price of tipper or trip of stone in Nigeria by reading this article.

Stone is one of the building materials that have continued to increase in price.

Stones are not easily found in all parts of Nigeria.

There are special type of stones found in different parts of Nigeria.

The two major types of stone for house constructions in Nigeria are:

  • Gravel Stones (Chippings)
  • Local Stones

The gravel chipping stones are mostly used for construction in major cities and for mega projects.

These are the type of stone used mostly by construction companies in Nigeria.

On the other hand, local stones are majorly used for private house construction and other mini project constructions.

Local stones in Nigeria comes in different quality, as there are iron local stone and soft stones.

In this post, we will talking about the price of trip or tipper of stone.

This includes both cost of chippings stone in Nigeria and price of local stone in Nigeria.

This article will seek to answer questions boardering on what is the cost price of a trip of stone in Nigeria?.

Stone Prices in Nigeria

The price and how much stones are sold in Nigeria depends the type of stone and quality of the stone.

Generally, stones are not cheap unlike sand. One of the factors that plays on the high cost of stone in Nigeria is that they are not easily available across Nigeria unlike sands.

Price of Gravel Chippings Stone in Nigeria

Gravel Chippings Stones are one of the most expensive type of stone in Nigeria.

The price of a trip of 5 tons of chippings stones costs between N98,000 to N110,000 in Nigeria.

Gravel chipping stones are the best stones for construction in water logged areas and for house decking.

They are also best for heavy project constructions.

Price of Local Stone in Nigeria

Local stones are the most prevalent type of stones for house constructions in Nigeria.

The quality of local stone determines its price and cost. The best local stone is iron stone.

The cost of a 5 tons trip of local stone in Nigeria is between N65,000 to N70,000.

This can as well represent the popular query of price of tipper of stone in Nigeria.

Cost of Stone in Nigeria

The average cost of stone in Nigeria which is N60,000 for local stone is considered high especially for standard of living in Nigeria.

Stones are very indispensable for house constructions.

Some of the location where stones are mined and extracted in Nigeria are rural areas.

Often these locations for commercial stones sales in Nigeria lacks good roads and other logistics.

Also, joined by high tax from government officials for stone mining in Nigeria, all these contributes to the cost of stones in Nigeria.

Some states where stones are found in commercial quality includes Ebonyi State, Enugu State, Ogun State, Edo State, Kogi State and Osun State.

Apart from these states, stones are minned in other states in Nigeria, though not in larger commercial quantities as those of majors stone producing states in Nigeria.

We hope our article on cost of stone in Nigeria will be helpful to those who seek to find out how much price stones for house constructions are sold in Nigeria.


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