Price of Trip of Sand in Nigeria (2022)

How Much is A Trip of Sand in Nigeria

This article will center on the price of trip of sand in Nigeria.

Price of sand in Nigeria

We considered it worthwhile to bring to our readers the price and how much sand are sold because it is a very important material in project constructions.

Sand are very indispensable especially in house construction.

Sand are sold in tons using trucks and so we will be stating the current price of tipper or trip of sand and sharp sand in Nigeria.

Having a good knowledge of cost of sand in Nigeria will be helpful to those planning to execute house project or maintenance projects.

The price of sand in Nigeria differs from the type of sand.

The price of sharp sand is very different with those of local sand and laterite sand.

Sand are sold and mostly measured in ton.

Most times people ask how much is a trip of 5 tons of sharp sand or what is the price of 20 tons of laterite sand.

All these and more will be discussed in this post.

Cost of Trip of Sand in Nigeria

The cost of trip of sand in Nigeria and how much a trip of sand is in Nigeria is dependent on the size of ton.

However, sharp sand is the most expensive sand in Nigeria followed closely by local coarse sand and then comes laterite sand.

In Nigeria mostly, sands are sold in 5 tons trucks or tippers.

However, in these days, 15 and 20 tons are becoming more prevalent in sand mining industry in Nigeria.

The 20 tons sand tippers/trucks in Nigeria are mostly used for sand mining and not sales.

Nevertheless, in this write up, we will be discussing the price of 5 tons trip of sand as well as cost of 20 tons trip of sand two.

Price of Sharp Sand in Nigeria

Sharp sand is the most expensive sand in Nigeria.

Thy are mostly minned from rivers, lakes and oceans.

This is how much sharp sand are sold in Nigeria currently.

  • A Trip of 5 Tons Sharp Sand = N28000 – N30,000
  • A Trip of 20 Tons of Sharp Sand = N52,000 to N57,000

Price of Local Coarse Sand in Nigeria

Local coarse sand is also very popular in building construction in Nigeria especially in Eastern Nigeria.

The local sand comes mostly in 5 tons unlike sharp silt sand which are easily gotten and comes in 20 tons.

Local sand is more available during rainy season. Below is the cost of a trip of local sand in Nigeria

  • A Trip of 5 Tons of Local Sand = N12,000 to N15,000

Price of Laterite Sand in Nigeria

Laterite sand is mostly used for filling like building foundation and land grading.

This is how much a trip of laterite sand costs in Nigeria presently.

  • A Trip of 5 Tons of Laterite Sand = N10,000 to N12,000.

End Note on Sand Prices in Nigeria

The price of sand in Nigeria is usually different from city to city as well as states.

Normally, states with enough or adequate river and waters tends to have more sand mining sites.

This helps enhance the price of sand in the area.

Price of sand in Lagos is likely to be cheaper than sand price in Enugu.

Same also with the price of sand in Abuja and sand price in Port Harcourt.

However, the figures given above as price of sand in Nigeria covers the general price of sand across Nigeria irrespective of state.


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