Prices of Best Baby Milk (Formula) in Nigeria (2023)

Best Baby Formula in Nigeria & Prices

According to experts in health care, breastfeeding is more beneficial to baby’s growth than bottle feeding.

Prices of Baby's food in Nigeria

Nevertheless, circumstances and conditions can require that both breastfeeding and bottles feeding be combined.

Baby’s milk or formula are essential in feeding of new born babies.

Nursing mothers hold these baby milk and formula dear as they help alternative breast milk and in nourishment of babies.

Most Nigerian nursing mothers hardly get deserving maternity leave.

Thus leaving most working Nigeria nursing mothers with inadequate time for baby care like breast feeding and general feeding.

Experts have noted that breast milk is the best baby formula and milk for babies.

However, certain situation can demand that a nursing mother combines breast feeding with baby formula so as to avoid starving the baby.

This is why special milk or babies milk meal popularly called formula are produced.

These baby milk and formula serves as close alternative for breast milk.

There are many baby milk and formula in Nigeria.

Most working Nigerian nursing mothers patronize baby formula and milk as a result of our working environments.

In this post, we will be list the price of best baby milk and formula in Nigeria.

In otherwords, this article will center on how much baby’s milk are sold in Nigeria or cost of baby’s formula in Nigeria.

Baby Milk Price in Nigeria

Below is the list of baby milk price in Nigeria.

It is important to note the the price of baby milk in Nigeria is determined by brand, type and size of the formula (kg).

These are some of the most popular baby formula and milk in Nigeria and price these baby milk are sold in Nigeria.

These are prices of baby’s food in Nigeria currently.

Similac Baby Formula Price

Similac formula is considered one of the best baby milk and baby formula in Nigeria.

Similac formula comes in different types and sizes for different stage of baby growth.

The price of similac formula in Nigeria starts from N10,000 to N28,000 depending on the type and size.

It is one of the most patronized baby formula in Nigeria.

Enfamil Baby Formula Price

The price of Enfamil formula in Nigeria is based on the size and type too.

Enfamil baby formula comes in different sizes and different types in Nigeria.

So also is their prices different. The price of Enfamil baby formula in Nigeria starts from N13,000 to N35,000 depending on the size and the type.

It is one of the most favorite baby formula for nursing mother in Nigeria.

Aptamil Infant Milk Price

Aptamil is another popular baby formula in Nigeria.

It also comes in different sizes and types for different stage development and growth of a baby.

The price of Aptamil infant milk in Nigeria start from N8000 to N17,000.

SMA Gold Formula Price

SMA gold infant milk is among the best infant milk according to multiple online and offline sources.

It come in different type and sizes. How much SMA gold milk is sold in Nigeria is from N9000 and above.

The price of SMA milk in Nigeria is according to its size and type.

Kendamil Price in Nigeria

Kendamil is another top best baby milk and formula in Nigeria.

It is product for United Kingdom but is very popular among Nigerian nursing mothers.

The price of Kendamil infant milk in Nigeria starts from N8000.

The price can also be higher depending on the size and the type or stage of baby in use.

End Note on Prices of Baby’s Formula in Nigeria

This post is purely for informational purposes and is devoid of experts inputs.

Nursing mothers are advised to speak or consult their midwife or health professionals before deciding on the best formula suitable for their baby’s growth, development and nutritional needs.


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