Prices of Cooking Gas Cylinders in Nigeria (2023)

Cost of Gas Cylinders in Nigeria

In Nigeria, as more homes adopts liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as energy source for cooking, the prices of gas cylinders continues to soar high.

cost of gas cylinders

Before now cooking gas are predominantly used in urban centers, but there seem to be a paradigm shift in energy source for cooking in Nigeria.

The masses are gradually drifting from use of firewood and Kerosene.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is currently the most popular and widely used energy source for cooking and domestic activities in Nigeria.

The major focus of this write up is on the current price of cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria.

Gas Cylinders are as important as the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

This is because, effective and safe use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is facilitated by use of Gas Cylinders.

Gas Cylinders ensure effective and safety use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) especially for cooking and other domestic activities.

Gas cylinders comes in different, types, sizes and prices.

The price and cost of gas cylinders in Nigeria is mostly decided by their sizes and type.

In this post, we will dissecting the price of gas cylinders in Nigeria.

How Much is Gas Cylinders in Nigeria:

Here is the prices different sizes of cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria :cooking gas cylinders sizes and prices.

Gas Cylinders Prices

Finding out how much gas cylinders are sold in Nigeria is among the first steps towards acquisition and use of liquefied petroleum gas for cooking in Nigeria.

Through studies and research, we have compiled price list of gas cylinders in Nigeria.

This entails informations in different sizes of gas cylinders in Nigeria and how much they are sold.

Below is the price range of Cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria.

Price of 3kg Gas Cylinders

The price of 3kg gas cylinder in Nigeria is between N8500 to N10000.

This is the smallest gas cylinder you can mostly likely find in Nigeria.

This type of gas cylinders mostly comes with burner fitted into the gas cylinder nozzle.

This is mostly used by students and bachelors.

Price of 5kg Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders of kg capacity goes for price around N12,500.

It among the smaller size gas cylinders you can find in Nigeria.

Also, it mostly has burner fitted on top the cylinder and mostly used by students and singles.

Price of 12kg / 12.5 kg Gas Cylinders

The 12kg Gas cylinders is the mostly popularly used gas cylinder in Nigeria.

It is the mostly used gas cylinders for family and home use.

The cost of 12kg gas cylinders in Nigeria is around N13000 to N15,000.

It the best gas cylinders sizes for family use.

Price of 25kg Gas Cylinders in Nigeria

The price and cost of 25kg gas cylinders in Nigeria is around N20,000.

It is double of 12kg gas cylinders and also used in homes and families.

It can also be used for industrial purposes.

Price of 50kg Gas Cylinders

This is one of the biggest gas cylinders you can find in Nigeria.

It is mostly used for industrial purposes. The price of 50kg gas cylinders in Nigeria is around N40,000.

It is also used for business purposes, like in the case of cooking gas retail business in Nigeria.

End Note on Gas Cylinders Prices in Nigeria

Just as the price of gas cylinders differs and is dependent on the sizes so also is the cost of filling these cylinders.

Also, it is important to buy from reputable companies who use machines to check and detect leakage in gas cylinders.

More still, routine checks should be done on gas cylinders to ascertain their workable and safety status.

This helps to reduce the risk of explosion and accidents.


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