Prices Of Cows/Cattle In Nigeria (2024)

Current Prices of Cows in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of Africa biggest consumers of beef. Cattle rearing and business is highly profitable and lucrative in Nigeria as well.

prices of cows in nigeria

Rearing of cattle is an occupation and business so much identified with the Fulani ethnic group in Nigeria.

This post will provide the current price of cows & cattle in Nigeria.

The price of cows in Nigeria varies greatly between southern and northern Nigeria region.

Nigerians eat cattle beef often and this is why how much cows and cattle are sold in Nigeria is of high interest to many.

The cost and price at which cows are sold in Nigeria is not cheap.

From time to time, need arises for one to purchase cow in Nigeria. This could be for either milking purposes, beef and consumption in preparation for event etc.

Cost of cow in Nigeria varies depending on the size and breed of cow one is in for purchase.

However, on general, the price and cost of cattle in Nigeria has increased from what it used to be.

This is as a result of certain factors like insurgency in northern Nigeria, hostility against herdsmen in Nigeria as well as cattle rustling in some part of Nigeria.

In this article, Nigerian Informer will be looking at the current prices of cow in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that the cost of cows in Nigeria is affected by festivals and seasons like Salah / Ileya festivals and Christmas season.

During these seasons, the prices are bound to be on high side as a result of high demands.

In this article, we will also discuss the major cattle markets in Nigeria as well as cattle breeds in Nigeria. This write up will answer the question of what the price of cow in Nigeria is.

How Much is Cow Sold in Nigeria? 

Average Prices Of Cattle In Nigeria

  • Small sized cow (calf) = N120,000 to N150,000
  • Medium sized cow (150kg – 200kg) =N280,000 to N350,000
  • Big sized cow (220kg – 250kg) =N380,000 to N400,000
  • Very large cow (300kg – 350kg) =N420,000 to N550,000

Major Cattle Markets In Nigeria

Below are the major cattle markets in Nigeria which serves other smaller cattle and beef markets in Nigeria. At these markets, you are assured of various cattle breeds and its calves.

  • Mubi international cattle market, Adamawa state
  • Wudil cattle market, Kano State
  • Sheme cattle market, Kastina state
  • Maitagari cattle market, jigawa state
  • Potiskum cattle market, Yobe State

These are the major cattle markets in Nigeria where cows can be gotten at great prices in Nigeria.

Cow/Cattle Breeds In Nigeria

Below are different species and cattle breeds that can be found in Nigeria.


Muturu cows are short. They are also very rich in beef with great strength. Muturu are not the breed for milking rather can be used for farm work.

Sokoto Gudali

Sokoto Gudali cows are easily known for their short horns. It is one of the most reared cattle breeds in Nigeria.Sokoto Gudali is both rich in milk and beef. Subfertility is highly identified in this cow breed.

Red Bororo
It is also called Mbororo. It is regarded as one of the major Fulani cattle breeds as they adapt well to nomadic life easily.

White Fulani

This cow breed is also called Bunaji and originated from west Africa. White Fulani is good at milk production as well as beef.


This breed of cattle originated from Guinea in west Africa. They are also known as Malike and Mandingo. They are good for meat production but poor at milking.

End Note on Cow Prices in Nigeria 

It is important to note that the price of cow & Cattle in Nigeria is highly determined by the season and region in Nigeria.

In northern Nigeria, how much price cow are sold is much cheaper compared to the price of cattle in down southern Nigeria.

Also, during festive periods like Christmas, Sallah celebration, the price and how much cattle re sold in Nigeria is very high compared to ordinary time of the year.

However, the above current price of cow in Nigeria covers how much price cattle are sold across Nigeria.


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