Prices of Plastic Water Reservoir Tanks in Nigeria (2024)

Cost of Plastic Tanks in Nigeria

Plastic water storage tank is the major and most popular water storage facility in Nigeria. We will examine how much the price of plastic tank is in Nigeria.

Best water storage tank in Nigeria

These plastic tanks have come to replace the old metal tanks popularly used in the past.

This post will focus on the current price of different sizes of plastic water tanks in Nigeria.

Plastic tanks is the best water reservoir water tanks in Nigeria,hence the current price of plastic tanks in Nigeria is considerably high.

In Nigeria, most especially up north, water crisis is still very much prevalent.

One of the major ways of curbing water crisis in Nigeria is through water storage.

However, due to the price and cost of plastic & rubber tanks in Nigeria which is relatively high, most families and individuals suffer serious water crisis due ot inability to buy plastic reservoir tanks in Nigeria.

There are numerous brands of plastic tanks in Nigeria and each comes with its unique price.

In this article, we will be providing the price list of plastic water storage tanks in Nigeria.

This information will be significant to those making effort to acquire one and those who are undertaking building construction and who might wish to have plastic water tank installed.

Plastic & Rubber Tank Prices in Nigeria

Before now, the price of plastic tanks in Nigeria is relatively cheap as the product was competing head on with the old fashioned metal water tanks in Nigeria.

Years down the line, plastic water tanks has displaced the metal tanks for obvious reasons.

Also, the maiden water plastic tanks in Nigeria were manufactured and shipped from abroad.

This also played a role in the cost and how much plastic water tanks were sold in Nigeria.

As the competition become stiff with entrants of many plastic tanks brands in Nigeria, many producers of these rubber and plastic tanks in Nigeria began to think outside the box.

One of the major actions and activities taken by these Nigeria plastic tank production companies was to localize the industry and bring the products closer to the markets.

This is a decision that played a key role in expansion of plastic tank sales in Nigeria.

Today a good number of families and households in Nigeria, especially in Southern Nigeria can boost of having a rubber tank.

The demand is still very high as there are still high expansion of families and households.

So, for our readers who are planning to buy plastic tank in Nigeria, you can plan and make your budgets with our piece on the cost and price of plastic water tank in Nigeria.

Below are some of the most realistic prices of plastic water storage tanks in Nigeria.

Prices of Water Plastic Tanks in Nigeria

The cost and how much price plastic and rubber water tanks are sold in Nigeria is dependent on the size of the tank which is calculated in litres.

The larger the tank the higher the price. Also, the brand of the plastic tank determines or decides the price.

Popular Plastic water tank in Nigeria like GeePee and Storex usually cost a high and is most expensive unlike new brands.

These are some of the average prices of plastic water storage tanks in Nigeria.

  • 2500 Litres of Plastic Tank – N120,000 to 145,000
  • 2000 Litres of Plastic Tank – N75,000 to N105,000
  • 1500 Litres of Plastic Tank – N58,000 to N73,000
  • 1000 Litres of Plastic Tank – N48,000 to N55,000
  • 500 Litres of Plastic Tank – N39,500 to N45,000

Top & Popular Plastic Water Tanks in Nigeria

These are some of the most used plastic and rubber water tanks in Nigeria.

They can as well be termed the best plastic tanks in Nigeria.

  • Geepee Tanks
  • Hart Water Tanks
  • Storex Water Tanks
  • Supreme Water Tanks
  • Storewel Water Tanks

These are the costs of plastic water tanks in Nigeria and best brands of plastic water tanks in Nigeria.


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