Prices Of Tricycle / Keke Napep In Nigeria (2021)

Tricycle, popularly called Keke Napep in Nigeria is a very popular means of transportation in most Nigerian cities.

prices of tricycles in nigeria

With the ban and abolishing of commercial motorcycle in most Nigerian cities, the use of tricycles as an alternative transportation means to buses has increased immensely.

Tricycles are mostly used for street and short distance transportation. The use of tricycles for transportation in Nigeria has really put many youths out of the street.It has become a very popular form of youth empowerment.

Also, investing in tricycle transportation has become a very popular form investment for working class who after saving significant amounts, purchase tricycles and contract them out to drivers who pays a stipulated amount over a period.

It is one of the easiest ways to invest spare money, nevertheless, it is also challenging too.

For most people willing to invest in Keke Napep transportation business or Tricycle transportation business, the first question that comes to mind is ” what is the price of Keke Napep or Tricycle in Nigeria”.

Answer to the above question help potential buyers of tricycles budget well and effectively to acquire bests of tricycles there is in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing the cost of Keke Napep in Nigeria.

Cost of Keke Napep/Tricycle in Nigeria

The cost of buying Keke Napep in Nigeria has skyrocketed as result of high unemployment facing Nigeria.

Also, the price and cost of buying second hand Keke Napep in Nigeria is high because of the high use and acceptability of the tricycle as means of transportation in Nigeria.

Below is different brands of tricycles in Nigeria and their prices currently. This how much Keke Napep is currently sold in Nigeria.

Major Tricycles / Keke Napep Brands In Nigeria

The following are different types of keke Napep in Nigeria market.


The cost Bajaj tricycle in Nigeria Currently is around N600,000. Bajaj is one of the most popular tricycle brands in Nigeria. It is from popular automobile company Bajaj.

Bajaj tricycle accounts for more than 40% of all tricycles on Nigerian roads. It is not a coincidence; the product is rugged and fit for Nigerian roads. It is also fuel efficient.

Bajaj Keke Napep is a very strong keke Napep in Nigeria. It is one of the strongest and long lasting tricycle in Nigeria.


Piaggio tricycles are more popular in India. However, it has found its way into Nigeria roads.

Price of Piaggio keke napep in Nigeria is N650,000.

It is quite bigger in terms of size than other tricycles, so this makes it more comfortable and convenient for passengers. It is also fuel efficient.


This is a tricycle from automobile giant, Suzuki. Suzuki tricycles on Nigerian roads is not yet much, nevertheless, the company makes strong, rugged and fuel-efficient tricycles.

TVS King

TVS tricycles is the most popular tricycle dominating Nigerian roads. TVS keke napep is sold between N580,000 to N600,000. This is the cost of TVS keke Napep in Nigeria currently. The price of TVS Tricycle in Nigeria is not as high as the prices of other tricycles in the country. The product is from popular automobile makers, TVS Motors. TVS tricycles are strong, rugged and balanced.

TVS keke Napep also saves fuel and has its spare parts available and cheap.

Prices Of Tricycles/Keke Napep In Nigeria

Price of tricycles in Nigeria varies from locations to dealers. A particular brand of tricycle can be purchased at different prices from two different dealers in separate locations.

This is because, some factors affect dealers’ prices like, transportation, dealing capacity etc.

So, the cost of keke napep in Nigeria differs from place to place. For instance, the cost of keke Napep in Lagos maybe not necessarily be  same with the cost of keke Napep in Onitsha, Anambra State or Owerri.

However, we will be providing with price range that will be able to procure tricycle at any location within Nigeria.

Tricycles/Keke Napep Prices In Nigeria 

Bajaj Tricycle /keke Napep: N600,000 – 850,000

TVS King Tricycle / Keke Napep: N580,00 – N650,000

Piaggio Tricycle /Keke Napep: N550,000 – N700,000


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