Cost of Printing Invitation Cards in Nigeria (2024)

Wedding & Funeral Invitation Card Printing Cost

Invitations cards are very essential in our society, Nigeria.

Cost of printing invitation cards in Nigeria

Despite the emergence of electronic means of communication and messaging, invitations cards has remain very relevant in Nigeria social dealings.

Printing and issuance of invitation card for an upcoming events is seen as a mark of respect and value.

Apart from wedding invitations, most invitations cards can easily be printed across major business centers.

Printing of wedding invitations cards is a bit expensive unlike funeral and other type of invitation card printing.

In this article, we will be discussing about invitation card printing in Nigeria.

We will pay special attention to how much it cost to print wedding invitation card in Nigeria as well as funeral invitation card.

Invitation Card Printing Costs

The current cost of printing invitation card in Nigeria ranges between N130 to N150 per card.

This amount price for printing invitation card in Nigeria excludes cost of designing invitation card which are charged separately.

Mostly, funeral, title taking, birthday invitation cards are printed at the same price rate around Nigeria.

Also, the price of printing this type of invitation can be slashed a bit when a larger number of invitation card is involved in the printing.

Wedding Invitation Card Printing Cost

Most about to Wed couples always ask what is the cost of buying and printing wedding invitation cards in Nigeria.

Buying? Yes, wedding invitation cards are bought before they are printed upon.

Wedding invitation cards are special type of invitation cards which comes with different designs and decoration done on them to depicts the upcoming love celebration.

Also, most wedding invitation cards comes in designer envelope or envelope like packs.

The cost of buying wedding invitation card in Nigeria cost between N200 to N250 currently.

This is only for the plain invitation cards. Cost of printing on wedding invitation card can cost between N20 to N40 per card.

However some exquisite wedding invitation card can cost more than the above stipulated price.

It all depends on the budget and what the couple can afford as cost for printing wedding invitation card in Nigeria.

End Note on Invitation Card Printing Cost in Nigeria

Cost of printing invitation cards in Nigeria often is determined by the quantity.

Most printers or printing outlets undertakes orders amount to from 50 – 100 pieces and above.

Also the price of printing invitation cards in Nigeria varies from different printing outlets across the city.

Also the number of invitation card to be printed can attract some level of discount from printing outlets.


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