Providus Bank Salary Structure (2024)

How Much Providus Bank Pay Staff

Providus Bank is one of the new and exciting commercial banks in Nigeria.

Providus bank salary

To discuss providus Bank Salary Structure is a very interesting topic for applicants especially in banking sector.

So, details about Providus bank staff salaries will be contained in this post.

Providus Bank is fully licensed commercial bank in Nigeria.

The bank is certified by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The bank though is yet to make full and recognized penetration into some regions in Nigeria but is very active in Nigeria commercial city Lagos.

However, experts are tipping the bank to make a mark and operate at the highest level when it goes into full banking across Nigeria.

However, Providus Bank is gradually becoming one of the top Nigeria’s banks with technology drive.

It is also a bank the likes to employ very young staff and professionals.

How much is the starting salary at Providus bank? applicants are always quick to ask the above question.

It may interest some applicants to know that Providus Bank Salary is very competitive and attractive.

The bank’s salary structure is on par with some biggest banks in Nigeria.

In this post we will provide salaries of different Cadre of staff at Providus Bank.

Providus Bank Staff Salaries: How Much Providus Bank Staff Earn as Salaries

Below is the salary of different staff of Providus Bank in Nigeria.

Providus Bank Salary Structure to be discussed here is based on fact finding by out team of reporters who investigated and held interviews with some staff of Providus Bank of the bank’s salary.

So, for those who seeking information about the pay and salary of Providus Bank, you can rely on this reports and information

Providus Bank Salary for Permanent Staff

Providus Bank Salary for entry level staff is around N130,000 per month.

These are permanent staff of the bank recruited through graduate trainee programs.

This salary of permanent staff at Providus Bank is subject to periodic reviews and increments.

Providus Bank also gives bonuses and the staff of the banks enjoys other incentives put in place to boost the morale of the staff.

This new staff salary at Providus Bank in Nigeria.

Providus Bank Salary for Contract Staff

Salary of contract staff at Providus bank is between N60,000 to N80,000 per month.

These are staff recruited on contract basis to help solve immediate manpower needs.

These contract staff at Providus banks also enjoys some good working conditions put in place by the bank.

Providus Bank Salary for Cleaners & Security Personnel

Salary of cleaners and security personnel at Providus Bank is around N40,000 per month.

Depending on performance and number of years in service, salary of cleaners at Providus Bank is subject to increments.

Same applies to salary of security men at Providus Bank.


Working with Providus Bank is very exciting, the bank priorities welfare of its staff.

The bank also affords the staff opportunities for growth in the banking industry.

Taking up a job or offer with a Providus Bank should be considered a top job. Finally, Providus Bank pays good salaries.


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