Punishments for Forgery in Nigeria

The major question which this article seeks to answer is what are punishments for Forgery in Nigeria?. Forgery in Nigeria is an offence which attracts jail term.

At the end of this post, readers would be able to find legal implications for forgery and the punishments that comes with documents forgery in Nigeria.

Forgery cases are very rampant in Nigeria and this can be attributed to Nigeria’s laws on forgery which can said to be soft and less strict.

Some of the major and most popular type of forgery in Nigeria is documents forgery and falsification.

Some of the most forged documents in Nigeria includes educational certificates, government seal and documents, personal profile documents, business and property documents etc.

However, forgery transcend certificate falsification, it includes also imitation of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art.

Across most European countries and North America, forgery is treated as very serious offense.

Same cannot be said in west Africa where the ugly phenomena of forgery has become prevalent.

Nigeria law through criminal code and penal code has its position on forgery in Nigeria.

There are punishments spelt out for those who engage in forgery in Nigeria.

Despite documents forgery punishment in Nigeria, forgery cases are still on the rise in the country.

It is pertinent to note that apart from the moral implications of forgery in Nigeria which also brings dent on the reputation of those involved, there is also legal implications of forgery in Nigeria.

In this blog post, we will review the legal implications and punishments for forgery in Nigeria, especially certificate forgery and falsification.

Legal Implications & Punishments for Forgery in Nigeria

What is the position of Nigeria’s law about forgery and falsification of documents?.

This is what is to be discussed in this segment of the article.

Forgery in Nigeria is considered a criminal offence. Hence, the punishments for forgery is contained in the Nigeria’s criminal code and penal code.

Also, in the northern Nigeria which is predominantly Muslims and where penal codes operates, the punishments for forgery is more strictly compared to the position of law on forgery in southern Nigeria.

According to Nigeria’s criminal code which is the law that spelts out the punishments for forgery in southern Nigeria, forgery offence attracts three (3) years imprisonment or prison sentence.

In the Nigeria’s penal code which is largely applicable in northern Nigeria, the punishment for forgery is fourteen (14) years imprisonment or prison sentence with or without option for fine.

This is the punishment that accompanies forging of documents and other materials in Nigeria to gain undue advantage or deceive the general public.

Forgery By Public Officers in Nigeria

Forgery by Public Officers in Nigeria attracts resignation of position and as well as jail term.

However, many public office holders in Nigeria especially politicians has evaded jail term associated with forgery.

Many of them have only been forced to resign as result of forgery but have not faced jail term. It is not clear if they were given option of fine.


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