Top 10 Quality House Paint Brands In Nigeria (2024)

Best House & Wall Paints in Nigeria 

There exist numerous paint production and marketing companies in Nigeria. Owing to a rapid growth in infrastructure, housing and estate business in Nigeria, the business and demand for paints is on the rise.

quality paints in nigeria

Before now, the country rely on foreign paint companies for it paints demand. However, between late 90s and 2000, an increase in local paint production has ensued.

For the purpose of clarity and direction, this article centers on house paints. The aesthetic contribution of paints to house and infrastructure cannot be doubted.

After house construction, next focus is usually on the best house paint for duplex and other kinds of building structures.

Also, because these paints are not only essential commodity but also expensive, people always look out for quality paints which will stand test of time whenever they are in need to buy.

Quality of a paint can determine how resistant it can be to environmental factors like rain, sun and stains.

While some paints can last for decades without compromising quality, others can wash off when in contact with rain or water.

The above situation can occur as result of quality disparity between paints. In this post, Nigerian Informer will be listing five quality paint brands in Nigeria market.

These are the paints that gives value for money. This information will be significant to estate investors, building companies and even private individuals who might embark on residential house construction.

Best Quality Paint Brands In Nigeria

Here are some of the Nigeria’s best quality house paints for your structures like duplex.

Berger Paint

Berger paint With 61 years of experience in paint production is rated the best paint in Nigeria that brings out the beauty of a house. Berger paint has become a household name in paint industry.

Berger paint Nigeria plc which began production in 1956, has become a giant in coating and allied industry in Nigeria.

The company has pioneered a wide range of specialty products that are much sought after in this dynamic and ever-changing market.

It is one of the most expensive in the market, but its quality is never in doubt. Berger paints has numerous paint brands which varies both in quality, texture and price.

Dulux Paint

Dulux paint  is a house paint with high quality in Nigeria. It has gained so much popularity in the country as a result of its ability to resist stains. The paint company is a leading global brand of premium quality paints.

Dulux always ensure that their products consistently live up to the Dulux reputation for verifiable, total product performance that is both recognized and expected by our customers.

Dulux offer quality and beauty to customer’s satisfaction. The paint brand can be found in major Nigerian building material markets.

It is one of the top paint brands in the Nigerian market currently.

Meyer Paint

Another good paint that can be found in market in Nigeria is Meyer paint. Meyer Plc is an offshoot of former Hagemeyer Nigeria Limited, the manufacturer of Sigma Paints and Cosmetics.

In 1994, Hagemeyer was bought over by Dunlop Nigeria Plc, which led to the change of both the corporate and brand names to DN Meyer Plc and Meyer Paints respectively.

When it comes to decorative paint and auto refinishes, Meyer paint is a good choice and presents great quality.

Finecoat Paint

Finecoat paint is another Nigerian top-quality paint. It a product of Chemstar industry Nigeria limited.

The paint has emulsion and textured brands. It is reliable and offer full aesthetics for various edifices.

Finecoat paint is one paint in Nigeria that can last very long without wearing out its original color. It is a paint that can stand test of time.

Portland Paint

Portland paint Nigeria is a well-known brand in Nigeria paint industry. It is a subsidiary of UAC Nigeria.

It is one of the most sought after paint in the market. It is a highly used paint in Nigeria.

Some of their most popular brands is Portland Santex and Crown paint. They have outlets in major Nigerian cities.

Eagle Paint

This is another top leading quality house paint in Nigeria that last long.

Eagle paints since it’s incorporation in 1979 has been in the business of production and manufacturing of quality class such as emulsion paints, industrial paints, anti corrosive paints among many others.

Distributors and dealers of Eagles paints can be found across major building material markets in Nigeria.

The company is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Trumpcoat Paint

Trumpcoat paint is another highly used long lasting paint in Nigeria.

Trumpcoat paints comes in many colors and types. It can be used both for exterior and interior house painting.

They also produce the best quality oil paints in Nigeria market.

Trumpcoat paint is produced in Lagos Nigeria and marketed across major markets in Nigeria.

Saclux Paint

Saclux paints is one of the top rated  best paints in Nigeria.

It comes in both 20 liters bucket and 5 liters bucked too.

Saclux paint is among the best wall paints in Nigeria. It also has both emulsion and oil version.

It is one of the cheapest house paints in Nigeria.

Sharon Paint

Sharon paint is another fine and best Nigerian house paint.

Sharon paint is certified by Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) which is mark of the quality of Sharon paints.

Apart from emulsion, Sharon paint also has other classes of paint like the oil paint (corrosive).

Sharon paint comes in different sizes which also determines the price of Sharon paint in Nigeria.

Paradise Paint

This is a top Nigeria house and wall paint produced in Anambra state.

The paint is renowned among best paints in Nigeria for adding colors to edifices.

It is also among the cheapest house and wall paints in Nigeria.

Paradise paint is sold and marketed across major markets in Nigeria especially building material markets.

Betek Paints 

Betek paints which is a product of Witchtech is ranked among the best quality house paints in Nigeria.

The Nigerian top house paint come mostly in 20 liters bucket and in different colours and texture.

It one of the longest lasting house paint in Nigeria.

A house paints of best quality in Nigeria must include Betek paints.


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