Top 10 Radio Stations in Lagos (2023)

Best & Top Radio Stations in Lagos State

Radio is companionable and suiting. This is one of many reasons why despite emergence and heavy use of new media, radio is stations are still thriving and forming an important media of mass communication in Nigeria.

best radio stations in Lagos ,nigeria

Just like other communication media in Nigeria, Radio serve as conveyor belt used in dissemination and to drive home information, message and ideas to a heterogeneous audience.

Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria and Africa is home to highest number of radio stations in a single city/state in Nigeria.

Media ownership in Nigeria is shared by both government and private individuals. So radio stations in Lagos are either government owned or private owned.

Many people in Nigeria and Lagos in particular still listens to Radio stations.

Hence, there is quest by populace in Lagos to identify and stick to radio stations that keeps then entertained and company all around the clock.

This is why this post set out to discuss the list of top radio stations in Lagos, Nigeria.

List of Popular Radio Stations in Lagos

Some of the top and popular radio stations in Lagos are among the most listened radio stations in Lagos.

They are radio stations with most and highest audience in Lagos. Below is the roll call of Lagos top radio stations.

Wazobia FM- Frequency: 95.1 MHz

Popularly known as Ogbonge station, Wazobia FM is a top and popular radio station in Nigeria.

The radio station is part of Globe Communications Limited. It one of the most listened radio stations in Lagos.

They are unique for their high broadcast in pidgin English Language and local dialects. It is one of the audience favorites radio stations in Lagos state.

Wazobia also boost of having some of the most entertaining radio programmes in Lagos.

It is not just one of the best and most listened radio stations in the city of Lagos but across Nigeria.

The Lagos top radio station also operates in some top Nigerian cities like Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Abuja.

Beat FM- Frequency: 99.9 MHz

This another top radio station in Lagos with high audience.

The radio station was founded in 2009 and has grown to became audience favorite in Lagos city. Beat FM is one of the best radio stations for entertainment in Lagos.

It is one of the Youths favorite station with numerous youth programmes and entertainments.

It is a good radio station for upcoming artists to promote their brands.

Cool FM- Frequency: 96.9 MHz

Cool FM a top and well known radio station owned by Lebanese businessman, Amin Moussalli is ranked among the top best radio stations in Lagos.

The radio station was established in 1998 and has grown into one of the biggest and most listened radio stations in Lagos.

It is a private radio station located in Victoria Island Lagos. It is a general programme radio station airing programmes on news, sports, entertainment etc.

Cool FM also has stations across other major Nigerian cities like Kano and Port Harcourt.

RayPower FM- Frequency: 100.5 MHz

RayPower FM is part of Daar Communications, a conglomerate with interests in Media and communications owned by Raymond Dokpesi.

RayPower FM is rated among the biggest and popular radio stations in Lagos with huge audience base.

The radio station also has stations across most Nigerian states. It is a private owned radio state which started commercial broadcasting as far back as 1994.

They offer and covers varieties of programmes like news, sports, music and entertainment. It is a radio station with good and very interesting programmes in Lagos.

Brilla FM- Frequency: 88.9 MHz

Brilla FM is the first sports radio in Nigeria. It a very unique radio station which undertakes only sports programmes.

It is the first of its kind in Nigeria which endeared it to heart of many audience.

It also among the top and most listened radio stations in Lagos. It is owned by a renowned sports analyst, Larry Izamoje.

Brilla FM can also be found at Onitsha, Abuja and Kaduna cities.

Soundcity FM- Frequency: 98.5 MHz

Souncity FM is an entertainment radio station in Lagos that is rated among the best radio stations in Nigeria.

It is also a digital or online radio in Lagos state. It is also good radio station for promotion of young talents especially music artists.

Souncity is renowned for bringing the best of entertainment in radio to Lagos audience. One of their very popular programme is music top 40.

Bond FM-Frequency: 92.9 MHz

Bond FM is one of the best and popular government radio stations in Lagos.

Bond fm is renowned for broadcasting in native Nigerian languages as well as English language.

This makes the radio station very dynamics, unique and attractive to Lagos audience.

It is a top radio station in Lagos owned by federal government.

Naija FM- Frequency: 102.7 MHz

Naija fm is top private owned radio station in Lagos Nigeria that broadcast majorly in pidgin english.

They cover general radio programmes like news, sports, feature, entertainment etc.

It is a good radio station for adverts and promotional messages in Lagos.

Inspiration FM- Frequency: 92.30 MHz

Inspiration FM is another top Lagos based radio station established in 2008.

Inspiration fm Lagos is a high performing and far reaching radio station.

Some of their programmes boarders in news, sports, education, entertainment and heath. It is popularly called No. 1 family radio in Nigeria.

Nigerianinfo FM- Frequency: 99.3 MHz

We couldn’t end the list of Lagos best radio stations without mention of Nigerianinfo FM.

It is another popular radio station in Lagos that anchor most of its programmes like news, sports, and entertainment in Pidgin English.

The radio station has some very informative and educational programmes aimed at development of their audience.

It makes up the roll call of top radio stations in Lagos state.


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  1. Since you’re talking about Lagos, Faaji FM is one of the top radio station listen to by most Yorubas in Lagos, do your research to confirm

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