Radiographers Salary in Nigeria (2023)

How Much Radiographers Earn As Salaries in Nigeria

Radiography is a fast growing career with good salary and remunerations.

Salary of Radiographers in Nigeria

It has always been very interesting to discuss Salaries of radiographers in Nigeria.

How much radiographers are paid in Nigeria is an information of high significance to Nigeria medical students.

Radiography is one of the best medical courses to study in Nigeria.

It is one of the highest paying medical lines in Nigeria.

The importance of radiography in health care cannot be overemphasized.

Radiography, though not yet so popular in Nigeria compare to medicine, nursing, pharmacy and science medical laboratory is a very vital aspect of health care that cannot be overlooked.

Radiography is not just very important to course to study in Nigeria but pays well too.

Radiography is a lucrative profession in Nigeria. It is a medical line that its professionals are well paid.

Science students are always encouraged to pursue a career in radiography as its a good and lucrative career path in health care.

In this article, we will be discussing extensively Salaries of radiographers in Nigeria.

How much radiographers are paid have always attracted lots of questions and debate.

Also to be discussed here is admission requirements for Radiography in Nigeria Universities as well as list of All Universities offering radiography course in Nigeria.

We will also not be forgetting to give you tips and information on how to become a certified radiographer in Nigeria.

What is Salaries of radiographers in Nigeria? Just keep reading to find out.

What is Radiography

Radiography can best be explained as the art and science of using radiation to provide images of the tissues, organs, bones, and vessels that comprises the human body.

For the purpose of this article, we will be using medical radiography.

Also, Medical Radiography and Radiological Sciences, is a health care system which involve the use of ionizing radiation (including x-rays) and other forms of radiation energy in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of human diseases.

Radiography is an indispensable arm of modern medical sciences and the pivot of modern diagnostic medicine.

Who is A Radiographer

A Radiographer is a health care professional who specialise in the imaging of human anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology.

Radiographers can also be called The following names: radiologic technologists, diagnostic radiographers and medical radiation technologists.

What is the difference between Radiologist & Radiographer

Oftentimes, people use the two words interchangeably think they means same thing. Radiologist and Radiographer are two different health care professionals.

Though they can be said to be partners in same field but with two different functions.


A radiologist is a medical doctor who specialize in using medical imaging to diagnose and treat people with various conditions.

They do not carry out imaging tests and scans rather radiologist interpret images and scans which aids in diagnosis.


A radiographer on the other hand do not interprete scan and imaging results or make diagnosis of a scan.

They only perform the imaging scans using different means.

Salary of Radiographers in Nigeria: How Much Radiographers Earn In Nigeria as Salaries

The average salary of radiographers in Nigeria is N250,000 per month.

As obtained in most medical courses in Nigeria, radiographers who works in federal government hospitals or teaching hospitals are paid high salaries in Nigeria.

Salary of Radiographers in Government Hospitals 

Entry level radiographers with 0 – 2 years experience experience are paid around N120,000 to N150,000 per month in federal government clinics.

Mid level radiographers with 2 to 5 years experience are paid around N150,000 to N250,000 per month in federal government and teaching hospitals.

While experienced radiographers with over 10 year experience are paid above N350,000 per month in government hospitals.

Salary of Radiographers in Private Hospitals in Nigeria

Radiographers who work in private hospitals earn an average of N180,000 per month.

Salary of Radiographers During Internship

Salary of Radiographers during internship is on an average of N100,000 per month.

Salary of Radiographers during NYSC

The salary of radiographers during NYSC is on an average of N50,000 per month, depending on state of service and clinic too.

How To Become a Radiographer in Nigeria

To Become a certified radiographer in Nigeria, one needs to obtain a degree in the course from an accredited Nigerian university.

This will be followed by one year internship program after which another one year of mandatory NYSC scheme will be enrolled into by the would be radiographer in Nigeria.

Is Studying Radiography Hard in Nigeria

How hard is it to study radiography in Nigeria is dependent on the student.

A dedicated and serious minded student wouldn’t find it difficult to study Radiography in Nigeria.

The course however, requires intensive studies and consistent attendance to classes.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Radiography in Nigeria

It takes five (5) years of study to undertake a degree in radiography in a Nigerian university.

This will also be followed by one year of internship with a recognized or government hospitals.

Admission Requirements for Studying Radiography in Nigerian Universities

Below are the admission requirements a candidate of radiography must meet up before being offered admission in any university in Nigeria to study radiography.

O’Level Result: Five (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Maths, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

UMTE/JAMB subjects Combination for Radiography: Use of English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Direct Entry into Radiography: Two (2) ‘A’ level passes chosen from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

List of Universities Offering Radiography in Nigeria

Below is the list of accredited universities offering Radiography As Academic Course in Nigeria.

  • Bayero University, Kano
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  • University Of Calabar, Calabar
  • University Of Lagos
  • University Of Maiduguri
  • University Of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto

Places Where Radiography Can Work in Nigeria

Job opportunities for Radiographers in Nigeria is massive. A radiographer can work in the following places in Nigeria.

  • Hospitals and diagnostic centers
  • Marine Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Oil and gas development industry


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