Ranking of Top 10 Most Powerful African Passports (2022)

There are about 54 independent African countries with each having passports which identifies holders as citizen of each of these countries.

Passports of African countries do not carry same recognitions and privileges across the world.

Hence some passports in Africa are ranked most powerful and highly than others.

Diplomatic relationships as well as strong economic ties cum political activities are some of the factors that can help strengthen or weaken the powers and previleges of a countries passport.

Annually, ranking of passports of African nations are carried out which shows how much international relations of African countries are faring across international communities.

One of the major criteria of ranking African passports is the number of countries where the holders of the African passport can visited visa free.

Hence African Passports with the highest number of visa free countries and places are ranked as the strongest and most powerful passports in Africa.

Sometimes, people of other African countries strives to procure these powerful passports in other to enjoy the rights and previleges that are attached to the top powerful and most recognised passports in Africa.

So ,in this post, we will review the top most powerful passports in Africa.

These are countries whose passports are highly and most recognised across the world and across boarders.

We will rely on Henley passport ranking Index to provide our readers with the top and most visa free passports in Africa ie countries in Africa with highest visa free passports.

Most Powerful Passports in Africa

Below is the list of countries in Africa continent with the most powerful and recognised passports.

These are African passports with most visa free access to other countries.

Seychelles Passport

Seychelles passport is ranked the most powerful passport in Africa.

According to 2022 Africa passports ranking index, Seychelles passport is high recognised across the world.

Holders of Seychelles passport can visit over 152 countries visa free.

Mauritius Passport

Mauritius Passport is ranked second most powerful African passport with holder having previlege to travel to 146 countries visa free.

South Africa Passport

According to Africa passport ranking index, those who are holders of South African passport can visit 104 countries without visa across the world.

Bostwana Passport

Having Bostwana passport can guarantee you a visit to 86 countries without Visa.

Thus ranking Bostwana passport among the most powerful on the continent.

Namibia Passport

Namibian passport is one of the Africa most powerful passports which can have holders visit 78 places visa free.

Lesotho Passports

Lesotho passport can allow holders visit 77 places without visa.

eSwatini Passports

eSwatini passports is ranked very highly and powerful on the continent.

This is because of number of countries eSwatini passport holders can travel to without visa.

As at the latest Africa passport ranking, holders of passport can travel to 74 places visa free.

Malawi Passport

The Malawian passport can allow holders visit 73 places across the world without visa. Hence it is one of the most powerful passports in Africa.

Kenya & Tanzania Passports

Kenya & Tanzania passports can afford those holding it the previlege to travel to 72 places without visa.

Tunisia & Zambia Passports

Tunisia and Zambia are joint in the ranking of Africa’s most powerful passports.

Those holding passports of both African countries can visit 71 places across the world without visa.

These are ten (10)  most powerful passports among African countries.


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