Recharge Card Business in Nigeria

How Profitable & Lucrative is Recharge Card Business in Nigeria

In this article we will discuss extensively on recharge card business in Nigeria.

Profit in printing and selling of recharge cards in Nigeria

Part of this write up will center on the profits in printing and selling recharge cards in Nigeria.

Also to be contained in this article is how much recharge card wholesalers make as profit.

Telecommunications created numerous direct and indirect jobs in Nigeria since its inception in 2003.

One of the major areas where telecommunications has created enormous job is in the sale of recharge cards, a card containing recharge voucher or pin for talk time.

Many Nigerians has ventured and are still venturing into recharge are business in Nigeria.

This is because of how viable and the demand that is associated with the business.

Recharge card business is a business that depend on turnover for high profits as single profit of the recharge card is less than 10% of the cost .

As such dealers or those who intend to sells recharge cards in Nigeria must site their outlets at place with high population so as to take advantage of demands brought by these huge population.

GSM Recharge card business in Nigeria is on a tripartite stand.

At the top echelons of the business is the recharge card printers.

At the middle of the chain is the recharge card wholesalers and at the end of the chain is the recharge card retailers.

All these chains of recharge card business comes with different profits proportionate to the investment.

In this post we will talk about how much recharge card dealers make as profits in Nigeria.

This includes how to print MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9Mobile recharge cards in Nigeria.

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: How Much Recharge Card Printers Make as Profits in Nigeria

It is not possible to accurately calculate profits of those selling recharge cards in Nigeria because it is not static and is determined by certain factors.

However what we do here is to give you a clue of how much and how recharge card printers make their profits.

Recharge card printers profit is determined by the number of recharge vouchers they could print and sell.

The profit of these recharge card printer is between N4 to N8 depending on the card value.

So, the profit of the business is based on number of cards printed and sold too.

How To Start Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria

You can start recharge card printing business in Nigeria by having these logistics available.

  • PC (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Laserjet Printer
  • Recharger Pin De encrypt Software
  • Stable Internet Service
  • Recharge Voucher Pin ( To Be Bought From Merchants Websites)
  • Capital (To be converted to Recharge Vouchers)

With all these logistics and machines, printing recharge card becomes very easy and possible.

How Much Recharge Card Wholesalers Make as Profit

Recharge card wholesalers are just middlemen who buys recharge cards in bulk from printers and resell to retailers.

Recharge card wholesalers make profit range between N5 to N10 while selling to retailers.

How Much Recharge Card Retailers Make as Profits

Recharge card retailers are those who sells directly to end users.

This class of recharge card dealers makes the most profit in recharge card sales.

Recharge card retailers make profit range of N10 to N15 to sell recharge cards depending on the card value.

They get this profit by adding extra N10 or N20 on the true value of thru recharge cards.

Hence, sometimes people buy N100 recharge card for N110.


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