Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)

In this post, the list of Nigeria’s richest comedians will be reviewed.

Richest comedians in Nigeria

Comedy is one of the entertainment sectors in Nigeria that has been on the rise.

Both stand up comedy and comedy skits in Nigeria now pays good money.

Hence comedians are among richest celebrities and entertainers in Nigeria.

So, to ascertain top richest comedians in Nigeria, we look at Nigerian comedians with the highest net worth.

These are Nigeria comedians with most lucrative endorsement deals, appearance fees, engagements and investments.

These are some parameters that we used to arrive at the roll call of richest comedians in Nigeria.

Some of the richest comedians in Nigeria may not necessarily be among the funniest comedians in Nigeria.

However, some of the wealthiest comedians in Nigeria are among the most funny comedians in Nigeria.

So, to discover the richest and highest paid comedians in Nigeria, read through this article carefully.

List of Nigeria’s Richest Top Comedians

Below is the current comedians in Nigeria with biggest assets and investments.

These Nigerian comedians are regarded as the richest comedians in Nigeria.

1. AY Makun -N2 Billion

Ay Makun is ranked the richest comedian in Nigeria by miles with an estimate net worth of N2 billion.

The popular comedian is also known simply as AY.

The Nigerian top comedian is Nigeria’s most engaged comedian with many business and entertainment activities.

AY is the owner and host of AY live,one of Africa’s biggest comedy shows. He is as well a movie actor and producer.

The movies AY has played roles in are top Nigeria movies and films.

Some of other activities which has helped put AY top on the list of richest comedians in Nigeria is his lucrative endorsement deals and comedy show.

AY no doubt is not just the richest comedian in Nigeria but also one of the Nigeria’s comedians that shaped the Nigeria comedy industry.

2. Ali Baba – N1.5 Billion

Alibaba is one of the highest paid comedians in Nigeria.

The show and appearance fees charged by Ali Baba is termed to be the highest by a stand up comedian according to multiple online sources.

The Nigerian comedy legend, Alibaba Akpobome is estimated to worth a whopping N1.5 billion which keeps him in second place among the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2023.

Alibaba is generally regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern comedy industry in Nigeria.

Alibaba has pick many top comedy awards for his comedy skills and performances.

Being one of the pioneers in the industry, he established an annual comedy event which is aimed at aiding young and upcoming comedians to breakout.

He is one of the biggest and most popular comedians in Nigeria.

3. Basket Mouth – N1 Billion

Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basket Mouth is rated one of the richest comedians in Nigeria with an estimate net worth of about N1 Billion.

Basket Mouth started out as a rapper before moving into stand up comedy.

Basket Mouth is a seasoned Nigerian comedian who have bagged numerous lucrative deals from top companies in Nigeria.

He is also an actor and is one of the biggest stand up comedians in Nigeria.

He also holds numerous best comedy awards like best stand up comedy awards.

Also, he is the CEO of Barons World Entertainment record label.

4. Bovi – 800 Million

Bovi Ugboma with an estimated net worth of N800 million is ranked among the richest Nigerian comedians.

Bovi began his career in 2007 as an actor starring in a Nigeria Sitcom titled Extended Family, thereby registering himself as a prominent actor.

He achieved fame and popularity as standup comedian performing in top comedy shows like Nights of a thousand Laugh, one biggest comedy shows in the country and AY live.

Bovi has performed for numerous top events and has signed many lucrative endorsement deals with banks and other top multi nationals.

5. I Go Dye – N800 Million

Francis Agoda, popularly known by his stage name “I Go Dye” is rated among the richest comedians in Nigeria.

He is estimated to worth about N800 million both in assets and cash.

Francis began his career presenting mock news at the delta state broadcasting service, alongside his friend Otagware Onodjeyeke popularly known as “I Go Save” before venturing into stand up comedy.

He is a full participants in one of Nigeria’s most popular comedy show, “Night of Thousand Laugh”.

It was at this show that he created a niche as one of the top Nigerian comedian and this has led to his success in the industry both financial and otherwise. He is one of the Nigeria’s highest paid comedians.

6. Julius Agwu -N600 Million

Julius Agwu is estimated to worth about N600 million which places him on the list of richest Nigerian comedians.

Like many pioneer comedians in Nigeria,Julius Agwu is also an actor and show host.

He is the CEO of Reellaif Limited, a music and movie production company.

The firm behind producer behind successful comedy shows like Crack Ya Ribs, Laff 4 Christ’s Sake and Festival of Love.

7. Okey Bakassi – N500 Million

Okey Bakassi with a net worth of N500 Million makes it to the list of richest Nigeria’s comedians for the current year.

The comedian who is popularly known as an actor than a comedian began his career in the Rivers State University where he formed a group called ‘Theatre Kolleagues’ for the purpose of acting and entertaining the university community.

He has had a successful career both in comedy and movie industry which has contributed to his overall success in life.

He is widely regarded as one of the richest comedians in Nigeria.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka -N400 Million

The Ogun State-born comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka With a net worth of N400 Million makes it to the list of richest comedians in Nigeria in 2023.

Gbenga who refers to himself as the Grand Comedian of Nigeria (GCON) is also one of the pioneers in the industry.

Before his comedy career, Gbenga worked as a corporate affairs manager in an engineering firm.

He began his entertainment career as an Anchor for several television programmes, and attain the limelight with his widely popular “shine shine bobo” promo a ‘Star beer game show.

He smiled to the bank through many lucrative deals which he picked up during the twilight of his comedy career.

9. Gordons -N350 Million

Godwin Komone popularly referred to by his stage name “Gordons” takes the ninth position in the top 10 richest comedian in Nigeria with an estimate net worth of N350 Million.

The famous comedian emerged when the popular Delta state-based Gospel music comedy group known as D.C Envoy came into prominence.

He is one of those who lights up top comedy shows like AY live back in the days.

10. Broda Shaggi – N250 Million

Broda Shaggi who is currently the most popular comedians in Nigeria made the list of richest comedians in Nigeria with an estimate net worth of about N250 million.

Shaggi is more of skit comedian than a stand up comedian. He is the biggest and most popular comedy skit maker in Nigeria.

His funny skills has won him many good endorsement deals and comedy awards.

He has hosted shows both in London and US and is currently one of the biggest and most popular comedians in Nigeria.


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