Top 10 Richest Women in Nigeria & Net-Worth

Richest Nigeria women list is quite revealing and interesting.

Richest Women in Nigeria

Nigeria women are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit and industriousness.

Irrespective of tribe and ethnic nationalities, Nigerian women has distinguished themselves in numerous fields of endeavours and professions.

Many have made huge exploits in business world, others in tech spaces and some in politics.

The productive efforts of many renowned Nigerian women has translated to wealth and fortunes.

This is why richest women in Nigeria can easily be ranked among the richest women on the continent of Africa.

This article will review the list of wealthiest Nigerian women in a bid to rank the top richest women in Nigeria.

The major parameters for rating the richest women in Nigeria is the overall net worth of top women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

This sum up the investments, properties and other financial values which determines how rich the richest women in Nigeria are.

List of Richest Women in Nigeria

The roll call of the richest Nigeria women as enumerated in this post is based on findings and data available to the author.

Some of these listed richest women in Nigeria are Chief Executive Officers, founders of multi million businesses, innovators etc.

They are equally not just richest Nigerian women but they are as well popular women in Nigeria who are very rich and wealthy.

Folorunsho Alakija- $1 Billion

Folorunsho Alakija is ranked the richest women in Nigeria with an estimate net worth of about $1 Billion.

The renowned Nigeria female entrepreneur is a big investor and figure in Nigeria oil and gas industry.

She is the Vice-Chairperson of Famfa Oil, which has a stake of Agbami Oilfield.

The female Nigerian billionaire is a kind hearted billionaire who has donated a skill acquisition centre to Yaba College of Technology.

She is by distance the wealthiest woman in Nigeria among the list of Nigeria female billionaires.

Hajia Bola Shagaya- $600 million

Hajia Bola Shagaya is one of the top ranking Nigeria wealth women whose net worth is pegged at around $600 million.

According to Forbes magazine, the Nigerian female entrepreneur is making huge economic exploits from real estate, oil and gas industry, banking and photography equipment shipment.

She is the CEO of Bolmus Group International which is an umbrella company that unites all her companies and investments.

Stella Chinyelu Okoli- $400 million

Stella Chinyelu Okoli is a renowned Nigerian female pharmacist and entrepreneur whose exploits in pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria has earned her national honours.

She is estimated to worth about $400 million.

She is the founder and CEO of Emzor pharmaceutical,one of the biggest and most popular pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Daisy Danjuma – $250 million

Daisy Danjuma who is wife of Nigerian billionaire Theophilus Danjuma is rated amongst the top 10 richest women in Nigeria.

The entrepreneur who is also a politician is former senator in Nigeria who represented Edo south in the Nigeria Senate.

She is a top board member of her husband’s company.

Daisy Danjuma is currently the managing director of renowned international pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, May and Baker Nigeria PLC.

Daisy Danjuma Networth is estimated around $250 million which puts her in the list of richest women in Nigeria.

Fifi Ejindu- $180 million

Also making list of top ten richest women in Nigeria is Fifi Ejindu with an estimate net worth of about $180 million.

She is the chief executive of Starcrest Group a conglomerate with interests in Real Estate, Investment Opportunities, and Building and Designing.

Diezani Allison Madueke- $150 million

The former Nigeria oil and gas minister is top ranked among the richest women in Nigeria.

The former minister is facing corruption charges in Nigeria for multi million naira oil deals.

She is married to retired top military officer and was minister of Nigeria’s oil ministry between 2011 and 2015.

She is estimated to worth a whopping $150 million.

Sen. Stella Odua- $80 million

The former Nigeria minister and current senator representing Anambra North senatorial District, Sen. Stella Odua is rated among the richest women in Nigeria based on this post.

She is one of the biggest female philanthropists and popular women in Nigeria politics.

She is also one of the richest women in Anambra state.

Her net worth is estimated to be in the region of $80 million which makes her one of the super rich women in Nigeria.

As minister of Aviation, she face charges for misappropriation of public funds.

Cecilia Ibru – $50 million

Cecilia Ibru who is former top Nigeria bank chief executive is on our list of richest Nigeria women.

The former banker who later turned politician hails from popular Ibru family which is regarded as one of the richest families in Nigeria.

Cecilia who is estimated to worth about $50 million has in the past faced corruption and fraud charges in which she was ordered by court to hand over $1.2bn (£786m) in cash and assets.

She remain one of the wealthiest women in Nigeria.

Ireti Samuel-Ogbu – $20 million

Ireti Samuel-Ogbu is one of the female bank CEOs in Nigeria who made the rich list of richest Nigeria women.

The seasoned banker is the managing director of Citi bank Nigeria, renowned global financial institution.

She is estimated to worth about $20 million (not verified).

She rose to the top position having served as in different capacities within the financial institution.

Linda Ikeji – $10 million

Not many Nigerian women are as richest as the richest female blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji.

The online media entrepreneur is ranked the richest blogger in Nigeria by miles.

She own properties and assets worth millions of naira and fly private jet.

Linda Ikeji is estimated to worth about $10 million which put her in the league of richest women in Nigeria.


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