Rollers Skating Shoes Prices in Nigeria

Skating which is predominantly practised in North America and Europe is gradually become a major outdoor fun activity in Nigeria.

Skating can be done using either skating board or skating shoes.

However, skating using roller skating shoes is the most practised skating in Nigeria.

This is why this post will assess the price of skating shoes in Nigeria.

Skating Shoes is of different brands and specifications and these are some of the factors which influence skating shoes prices in Nigeria.

Also, the size of skating shoes affected it’s prices as well.

while skating board is not prevalent in Nigeria as result of out poor road infrastructure, skating shoes are in high use.

Most skating shoes found in market in Nigeria are Foreign used skating shoes.

Only very few of skating shoes are sold as brand new skating shoe in Nigeria.

So how much skating shoes are sold in Nigeria is finally determined by the above-mentioned factors.

Cost of Skating Shoes in Nigeria

The price of skating shoes in Nigeria can be slightly affected from shop you are purchasing from.

However, there are certain budget price that covers the price of skating shoes in Nigeria.

From our survey, below is the price and how much skating shoes cost in Nigeria.

New Skating Shoe Price in Nigeria

The cost of brand new skating shoe in Nigeria ranges between N35,000 to N43,000.

The disparity in this price range is decided by specifications and size of the skating shoe.

This is because certain skating shoes have adjustment features and high quality rollers and fabrics.

With the above budget, you can purchase brand new skating shoe in Nigeria that is of top quality.

Price of Foreign Used Skating Shoes in Nigeria

Many used skating shoes in Europe and North America always finds their way into Nigeria.

These used skating shoes are very much patronised in Nigeria because of the price of used skating in Nigeria.

Direct belgium or Tokunbo skating shoes in Nigeria cost between N9000 to N20,000.

The final price is determined by the state and how sound the skating shoe is as well as the size too.

One might be wondering why these skating shoes are pretty expensive? Well skating shoes are usually rugged and strongly manufactured to last for a long period especially when used properly.

Things To Consider Before Buying Skating Shoes in Nigeria

There are certain things you should look out for as you make purchase of skating shoes in Nigeria.

Some the things to consider before buying skating shoes in Nigeria includes:

Size of the Skating Shoe

To buy skating shoe, make sure the shoes are perfect fit and gives your feet comfort.

This will help you skate freely without feeling pains and discomfort.

So when buying skating shoes make tests of how perfect and comfort they give your feet.

Condition of the Staking Shoe Rollers

Checking on the condition and state of skating rollers is very important.

This is more important for those who plan to make purchase of used skating shoes.

The rollers should be complete and sound. If partially damaged, the skating shoe shouldn’t be used as it can be very dangerous to use skating shoe with bad rollers.

Check Skating Shoes Fabrics/Leather

Skating shoe leather or fabrics are as well very important.

It shouldn’t be torn or badly worn out. This is because badly worn out skating shoes fabrics or leather risk pulling away from its rollers.

When this happens, it can be dangerous and harmful to user.


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