Salaries of Pastors in Winners Chapel, RCCG & Nigeria

How Much Salary Pastors Earn in Nigeria

There are several online reports about how mega rich churches pay their pastors poor salaries.

Pastor's salaries in Nigeria

This led to our investigation and fact finding about average salary of pastors in Nigeria.

Findings has shown that many Nigerians are not in the know that pastors are paid salary in Nigeria.

However, facts remain that most churches in Nigeria pay their pastors and clergy salaries.

But opinions has shown that the salary of pastors in Nigeria is majorly to take care of their logistics for evangelism.

The big question is how much is pastors salaries in Nigeria.

The average salary of pastors in Nigeria is between N30,000 and N40,000.

Specifically, this post will review the salary of pastors in Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Living Faith Church Worldwide ( Winners Chapel).

This are currently Nigeria biggest pentecostal churches.

There is always a very high interest from pastors to join these two top pentecostal churches.

For numerous church members, one of the most sought after information is how much winners chapel and RCCG pay their pastors and ministers monthly.

Thus, we decided to pick these two pentecostal denominations to review the salary of their pastors in Nigeria.

So, this post will discuss and review the salary of pastors in Nigeria by paying special attention to salary of pastors in RCCG and Winners Chapel.

RCCG & Winners Chapel Pastor’s Salary

Most mega pentecostal churches in Nigeria has salary structure for their pastors.This is an information many people are unaware of.

In pentecostal churches like Winners and RCCG, pastors are paid every month by the church for their ministerial duties.

So, tithes and offering collected at the churches does not not belong to the pastors at those church parishes.

This is wrong notion held by many Nigerians. This is why we considered this article worthwhile. Below is the salary of pastors in Nigeria.

RCCG Pastors Salary in Nigeria

If you want to find out the salary of RCCG pastors in Nigeria, read this section of the post with interest.

Redeemed Christian Church of God pay junior pastors monthly salary of around N35,000 to N50,000.

These are pastors with Diploma and degree certificates who are newly ordained.

Salary of senior pastors at RCCG is around N90,000 per month.

Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) is one of the biggest pentecostal churches in Nigeria founded by Pastor EA Adeboye.

It is one of the churches with highest number of pastors in Nigeria.

Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel) Pastors Salary in Nigeria

Living Faith Church Worldwide popularly known as winners chapel is the pentecostal church that pays the highest salary.

To know what salary Winners Chapel pastors earn in Nigeria, read this write carefully.

Newly ordained pastors and junior pastors at winner’s chapel earn monthly salary of around N60,000.

Salary of senior pastors at Winners Chapel is rumored to be between N90,000 to N200,000 per month depending on pastor’s position.

Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise known as Winners Chapel is a top pentecostal church in Nigeria founded by David Oyedepo. The church has parishes across the world.

Salary of Other Pastors in Nigeria

Other pastors who serve in mega pentecostal churches are also paid.

Their salary and earnings depend on the financial strength of the church as well as the approval from the church board which includes the general overseer.

Also, most pastor can be transferred out of their base to other church parishes where they will be expected to continue their ministerial duties.

However, for some pentecostal churches, pastors are also allowed to engage in part time jobs provided it doesn’t clash or affects the pastor’s pastoral duties and functions.

This is the little we can take on pastor’s salary in Nigeria.


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  1. I do not concur to this because I had a pastor in RCCG during my service year that is been paid 5000naira monthly though he is now no longer in the parish. The man laments Everytime cos he is a full time pastor . So sad

  2. No way not possible

  3. This write-up lacks research and validity. Pastors in the mentioned churches earn far below what you just stated here. There was a time winners pastors where not even paid salaries at all. Both junior and senior.

    1. Thank you for your contribution

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