Salary & Earning of Models in Nigeria (2023)

Average Salary of Models in Nigeria

The question of how much models earn in Nigeria does not go away as the career continues witness influx of many young ladies and men.

salary of models in nigeria

On the part of most women in Nigeria, becoming a model is a dream and should be lived out.

However, modelling industry in Nigeria is still playing catch up to its international counterparts especially in terms of pay and earnings.

What is the average salary and earnings of models in Nigeria? Find out from this articulated article on salary of models in Nigeria.

Most young girls and men who do modelling in Nigeria goes into the career as a part time job because of the unreliability nature of the industry.

In this article we will picking on earnings of models in Nigeria. Most potential and upcoming models in Nigeria are always inquisitive of knowing what salary of models in Nigeria looks like.

So, this article will provide information about the current salary of models in Nigeria.

How Much Models are Paid in Nigeria?

Salaries and earnings of models in Nigeria is dependent of the type modelling one is involved into and the agency being modeled for.

Just as obtained in every other sector, top modelling agencies and brands pay their models or ambassadors more compare to smaller brands or modelling agencies.

However, we will be providing types of modelling in Nigeria and what their pay looks like.

Types of Modelling in Nigeria & Pay

Below are the types of modelling in Nigeria and how much they are paid on average. Nigeria’s models salary.

Runway Modelling

Runway modelling is a popular type of modeling in Nigeria. This type of modelling involves display of brands through the runways in an event or shows.

This type of modelling might require model of certain height, colour and other features. On average, runway models in Nigeria are paid around N50,000 to 80,000 per event.

Commercial Modelling

Commercial modelling is one of the most popular and high paying modelling in Nigeria. It involves promoting a brand using commercial means like billboards, TV adverts, exhibitions etc.

Commercial models’ salary in Nigeria is usually high and depends on brand to be promoted. For commercial modelling, a model can earn as high as N5 million and above. This is the type of modelling that celebrities are most involved into in Nigeria.

Fashion Modelling

Fashion modelling in Nigeria though not yet as popular as obtained in western world is still paying good in Nigeria.

It involves display of a fashion line. This type of modelling, runway fashion modelling which involves displays of fashion in runways to an open audience.

There is also editorial modelling which involves display of fashion lines in magazines and blogs.

The salary of fashion models in Nigeria ranges between N50,000 to N200,000 depending on fashion line being represented. The earnings of the fashion line models in Nigeria is among the best and highest.

Fitness Modelling

Fitness modelling in Nigeria is not yet so popular and well embraced. Perhaps this might be as a result of limited number of sports wears production companies in Nigeria.

Fitness models in Nigeria are not among the highest paid models in Nigeria. Earnings of this class of models in Nigeria is around N60,000 per event.

Glamour Modelling

This another type of very popular modelling in Nigeria and usually done by girls. These models are hired to look attractive to audience and used to usher people into events and gathering.

In Nigeria this type of modelling is popularly called ushers. On average glamour models are paid around 50,000 in Nigeria.

List of Top Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

Below is the list of top modelling agencies in Nigeria. They are also the highest paying modelling agencies in Nigeria.

  • Wave model management
  • Beth Modelling Agency
  • Y-Ray Models
  • Exquisite Models International


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