Salary of Local Government Workers in Nigeria (2024)

Local Government Staff Salaries in Nigeria

Nigeria professionals and young people always give up hope of working or serving in local governments in Nigeria majorly because of poor salaries that is available for the workers of the tier of government in Nigeria.

Nigeria local government salary

Nigeria has three tiers of government: The federal, state and local governments.

Have you ever wondered how much salary are local government staff and workers paid in Nigeria? Read on to find out.

The local government is the lowest of them all and it is the government closest to the people.

As a result of lack of true federalism and democracy in Nigeria, the autonomy of local governments in Nigeria has never been achieved.

Local governments in Nigeria are a mere extension of state governments and are at the mercy of state governors.

Unlike what is obtained at federal and state government levels, salaries of local government workers in Nigeria are paid by the state governments.

Sometimes, these local governments staff salaries in Nigeria do not come prompt.

Also, arguments and debates has raged on about the salary structure of local government workers /staff in Nigeria.

Many people have argued that there is no need to review and revisit the salary of local government staff in Nigeria.

Some posits that the pay and monthly salary of local government staff does not meet today economic realities in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing how much local government workers earn as salaries in Nigeria.

This article will discuss how much salary graduates are paid as local government staff or workers in Nigeria.

So, salary of graduates at local government in Nigeria will be unveiled in this write up.

How Much Local Government Staff Earn As Salaries in Nigeria

The salary of local government workers in Nigeria are not so attractive.

This has left the tier of government with long aged decay and shortage of staff.

Also, in most cases the salaries of the staff at local government in Nigeria do not come as at when due.

Hence, many people are proposing for a review of salary scale of local government in Nigeria.

There are reports of many ghost workers in local governments in Nigeria.

Many people have attributed this to the poor salary of Nigeria local government workers.

Some of the staff of the government abandon their duty post in search of other means of livelihood to complement their low salary in Nigeria local government system.

We will be stating some salary caps of some top local government workers in Nigeria.

This is how much local government workers are paid as Salaries in Nigeria.

Below is the salary structure of local government staff in Nigeria.

Local Government Staff & Salaries

  • Secretary- N96,000 to N148,000 per month
  • Administrators – N76,000 to N100,000 per month
  • Assistant Administrators – 48,000 to 64,000 per month
  • Cleaners / Drivers/ Gardners- N18,000 to 30,000 per month

How Much Graduates Are Paid As Salaries at Local Government

A new graduate who is employed in the local government in Nigeria as new staff will earn salary of around N25,000 to N34,000 per month.

It is pertinent to note that just as obtained in state government salaries in Nigeria, local government salaries in Nigeria is not uniform.

It is dependent on the financial capacity of the state.

Some states like Lagos, Rivers state are likely to pay high local government salaries unlike states with poor financial strength.

End Note on Nigeria Local Government Salary Structure

Generally, the Salary of local government staff in Nigeria is poor when compared with the economic situation of the country.

Also only full implementation of local government autonomy can help improve the pay package and salary of local government workers in Nigeria.

We hope that the long aged debate and discourse on grating local government full autonomy in Nigeria will come to fruition as this will go a long way in improving the welfare of staff of the government.

Also it will help drive development to the innermost parts of the country and help bring government closer to the people.


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