Salary Of Nigerian Police (2024)

How Much is Nigeria Police Officers Monthly Salary?

The Nigerian Police just like its counterparts all over the world is charged with primary responsibility of protection of lives and properties.

salary of nigerian police

This function, many argue Nigerian Police have always failed to live up to effectively.

Nigeria police force (NPF) salary will be our topic of discussion in this article. This write up will reveal the salary of new police recruits and how much police constables are paid as salaries in Nigeria.

Nigeria police ranks and salaries is always a topic of high interests in Nigeria. The salaries and earnings of Nigeria police has been a subject of debate in public space for long.

So, we considered it worthwhile to provide how much salary, allowances and earnings of Nigerian police officers.

More still, despite that Nigerian Police is characterized with enormous corruption, indiscipline, truancy and inadequate training.

The salary structure of Nigeria police is not as poor as many people think it is. Nevertheless, there is still room for better remunerations and salary in Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

With an estimate of 360,000 personnel, the police force is well under staffed to police a country of over 200 million population.

The above fall short of United Nations standard of “one police man to ten persons”.

Nevertheless, Nigerian Police have recorded some tremendous goods works in their duties of security of lives and properties.

As regards to their duties and functions, the force might be down but not dead yet.

There are still quite a few of Nigeria Police officers who have held the badge in high esteem and have discharged their duties diligently.

However, another major debate which has surrounded Nigerian Police for years is inadequate remuneration.

A lot of arguments have pointed towards Nigerian Police officers being poorly paid and catered for.

So, this article will reveal how much Nigeria police officers earn as salaries in Nigeria.

There have been arguments and counter arguments between the force and government over poor remuneration and welfare.

To this end, Nigerian Informer will be dissecting some information about Nigerian Police especially with regards to Nigeria police salaries and earnings.

Generally, this post will speak on Nigeria police salary, ranks in Nigerian police as well as different departments and formations in Nigeria police.

If you are seeking to join Nigeria Police Force because is their salaries, it is important you look up the Nigeria’s Police salary to find how much police officers earn as salaries in Nigeria.

Arms Of Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police operates on 15 different arms, with each work in harmony with other arms to achieve the difficult function of protection of lives and properties. The arms of Nigeria Police are as follows:

  • Administrative Division
  • Counter-Terrorism Unit
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • The Central Criminal Registry
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • X-Squad, General Investigation
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  • Legal Section
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Homicide
  • Police Mobile Force
  • Force Intelligence Bureau
  • DCI Kaduna Annex

Ranks In The Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police is a well ranked force. There are commissioned and non-commissioned officers.Through performance, academic excellence, officers get promoted from one rank to another.

We will list the ranks from the top most which is the Inspector General to the lowest which is Constable.
Below is the ranks in the Nigerian Police:

  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  • Assistant Inspector-General of Police
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police
  • Chief Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent of Police
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police
  • Inspector of Police
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Constable

Salary Of Nigerian Police

The salary and earnings of police officers are in Nigeria is in accordance with their ranks.

The higher one moves up in their ranks and hierarchy of the force the bigger his or her salary.

In this segment, you get to find the monthly salary of police constables in Nigeria. This is the lowest rank in the Nigeria police force.

Also, details about salary of graduate police officers in Nigeria will be contained here.

Below is the salary structure of the Nigerian Police starting from the lowest rank to the highest rank:

1.Police Recruit

Salary per month – N9,019.42

Annual Salary – N108,233

2a. Police Constable Grade Level 03

Salary per month – N43, 293.80

Annual Salary – N519,525.6

2b. Police Constable Grade Level 10

Salary per month – N51,113.59

Annual Salary- N613,363.08

3a. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)

Salary per month – N44,715.53

Annual Salary – N536,586.36

3b. Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)

Salary per month- N51,113.59

Annual Salary – N613,365.08

4a. Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)

Salary per month – N48,540.88

Annual Salary – N582,490.56

4b. Police Sergent On Grade 05 (step 10)

Salary per month – N55,973.84

Annual Salary – N671,686.08

5a. A Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)

Salary per month – N55,144.81

Annual Salary – N661,737.72

5b. Sergent Major On Grade 06 (step 10)

Salary per month – N62,204.88

Annual Salary – N746,458.56

6a. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)

Salary per month – N73,231.51

Annual Salary – N878,778.12

6b. Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10)

Salary per month – N87,135.70

Annual Salary – N1,045,628.4

7a. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step1)

Salary per month – N127,604.68

Annual Salary – N1,531,256.16

7b. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step10)

Salary per month – N144,152.07

Annual Salary – N1,729,824.84

7c. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step1)

Salary per month- N136, 616.06

Annual Salary- N1,639,392.72

7d. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step10)

Salary per month -N156,318.39

Annual Salary – N1,875,820.68

9a. Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1)

Salary per month -N148,733.29

Annual Salary -N1,784,799.48

9b. Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10)

Salary per month -N170,399.69

Annual Salary -N2,044,796.28

10a. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step1)

Salary per month – N161,478.29

Annual Salary -N1,937,739.48

10b. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step 10)

Salary per month – N187,616.69

Annual Salary-N2,251400.28

11a. Chief Of Superintendent Of Police on Grade 12 (step1)

Salary per month – N172,089.06

Annual Salary -N2,065,068.72

11b.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step8)

Salary per month-N199,723.96

Annual Salary -N2,396,687.52

12a. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1)

Salary per month – N183,185.73

Annual Salary -N2,198,228.76

12b. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10)

Salary per month – N212,938.16

Annual Salary – N2,555,257.92

13a. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1)

Salary per month – N242,715.65

Annual Salary – N2,912,587.8

13b. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7)

Salary per month – N278,852.79

Annual Salary -N3,346,233.48

14a. Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step1)

Salary per month – N266,777.79

Annual Salary -N3,201,333.48

14b. Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step6)

Salary per month- N302,970.47

Annual Salary-N3,635,645.64

15. An Assistant Inspector General Of Police

Salary per month – N499,751.87

Annual Salary – N5,997,022.44

16. Deputy Inspector General Of Police

Salary per month – N546,572.73

Annual Salary – N6,558,872.76

16. Inspector General Of Police (IGP)

The highest rank in Nigeria Police Force is the Inspector General of Police. He is appointed by the president and assisted by Deputy Inspector Generals.

IGP Salary per month -N711,498

IGP Annual Salary – N8,537,976

The Proposed New Salary For Nigerian Police

In 2018, President Muhammed Buhari yielded to years of out cries over poor remuneration of the police officers in Nigeria.

The President approved a new salary structure for the Nigerian Police. The new salary scheme will see officers earn up to 100% increment on their previous salaries.

However, a report in a Nigerian respected newspaper, Punch published in late 2019 showed that ten (10) months after the president’s approval, the new salary structure is yet to be implemented.

However, a recent interview as published in Nigeria national daily showed that most Nigerian police officers are not satisfied with the proposed new Nigeria police salary.

Below is the new salary structure for Nigerian Police:

1. Police Constable (PC) II – N84,000.

2. Police Constable (PC) I – N86,000.

3. Sergeant Corporal (SC) – N96,000.

4. Sergeant Major (SM) – N119,000.

5. Inspector Of Police (IP) II – N167,000.

6. Inspector of Police (IP) I – N254,000.

7. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) II – N271,000.

8. Assistant Superintendent of Police(ASP) I – N296,000.

9. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) – N321,000.

10. Superintendent of Police (SP) – N342,000.

11. Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) – N419,000.

12. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) – N483,000.

13. Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) – N531,000.

14. Commissioner of Police (CP) – N1.5million


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