Salary of Professors in Nigeria Universities (2023)

How Much University Professors Are Paid in Nigeria

Attaining professorship position in Nigeria isn’t an easy feat.

Professor's salary in Nigeria

It is position that requires so much academic work and leadership skills.

Most Nigerian university don dream of reaching the enviable height of professorship position.

This leaves many members pf Nigeria society pondering apart from the respect and recognition that comes with the position in Nigeria, how good are professors paid in Nigeria.

This article will evaluate how much university professors are paid in Nigeria.

Over 80% of professors in Nigeria are found in Nigeria universities imparting knowledge as well as leading or carrying out researches.

Despite the disparity between government owned universities in Nigeria, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) an umbrella body for all teaching staff of government universities in Nigeria has insisted that salary and pay of professors in Nigeria government universities must be on par and be reflective of morden day earning of their counterparts abroad.

We are not sure how far this implementations has gone but we are aware that professors are the highest paid staff Cadre in Nigeria government universities.

In response to numerous queries bordering in Professor’s salaries in Nigeria, we have decided to present to our readers, how much university professors are paid in Nigeria.

Read on to find details about salary and earnings of professors in Nigeria universities.

Professor’s Salary in Nigeria

It is pertinent to note that the highest earning or paid professors in Nigeria are the ones outside Nigeria university communities.

Majority of Nigeria professors are found across Nigeria universities, however there are still very few who are found in corporate sectors and agencies.

In Nigeria, professors in this sectors are among the highest paid professors in Nigeria.

However, because most of Nigeria professors end up in class room, we will be focusing on what professors in Nigeria universities earn on average.

This post does not reflect salary of professors in private universities.

How much professors in private universities are paid is dependent on their bargaining power and their contracts with the owners of these private institutions.

As such, salary of professors in private universities in Nigeria are hardly even or uniformed.

For their counterparts in government sectors, because of the uniformity in government salary scale and binding umbrella body, they share uniform or very close salary range.

How Much is Salary of Professors in Nigeria

The basic salary of professors in Nigeria university is N342,442 per month after gross deductions.

In otherwords, professors in Nigeria earn Below $1000 per month.

Before implementation of Integrated payroll and personnel information system (IPPIS) in university salary payments, Nigeria professor’s salary is around N450,000 per month.

Professorship position in Nigeria requires over 15 year teaching and research experience in Nigeria university.

It is the most respected cadre of Nigeria lecturing career.

It is from this position that heads of universities are selected or appointed.

This a detailed and accurate facts about take home salary of university professors in Nigeria.


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