Salary of Roban Stores Employees/Staff (2024)

Roban Stores is chain supermarket and departmental store operating in major cities of Nigeria.

salary structure of roban stores

The chain supermarket is fast rising among the leagues of top chain supermarkets in Nigeria.

This article will review salary of Roban Stores workers like cashiers, security, kitchen staff etc.

Roban Stores is owned by Sir Robert Anwuatu. The supermarket pride itself in delivering great products and services to its customers every day.

They are out to provide quality, service and varieties to their teeming customers base. It is a one stop shop supermarket.

The chain supermarket is performing very highly with a very friendly, professional and dedicated staff. At Roban Stores, welfare of the staff is never compromised.

It is shocking to many also that the supermarket does not open on Sundays for business as it is a general off day for all staff alongside private off days.

For those who might wish to join this high performing chain supermarket, we have got a very exciting write up for you and that is salary structure of Robans stores.

This post will answer the question of ” what is the salary structure of Robans stores employees? or what does Roban Stores pay its staff.

Roban Stores has different categories of staff and they include, Supervisors, Cashiers, Bakers, kitchen attendants, security personnel and customers service representatives.

What Roban Stores Pay Its Staff


Supervisors at Roban Stores oversee the general effective running of the chain stores. They coordinate the activities of other categories of staff within the supermarket.

According to our authoritative sources, supervisors at Roban Stores take home N50,000 every month.

Customer Service Representatives

These category of workers at Roban Stores undertake enquiries and complaints of the supermarket market customers.

While also making sure that the needs and customers issues is resolved amicably. At Roban Stores, customers service representatives are paid N50,000 per month.


Cashiers at Roban Stores undertake payments of goods and services purchased from the departmental store.

They also issue invoice for such goods and services. Every month, they go home with N35,000.


One of the very delicate and important categories of staff at the chain supermarket is Bakers.

Quality of their work can sustain great number of customers. At Roban Stores, Bakers are paid N40,000 each month.

Kitchen Attendants

Kitchen Attendants at Roban Stores does cook of all delicacies and meals offered at the chain supermarket.

They also form part of back room staff of the departmental store. They are paid N30,000 every month.

Security Personnel

Security personnel at Roban Stores make sure that orderliness is maintained at the departmental store.

They also perform some other auxiliary functions as maybe directed by the supervisors. Security personnel at Roban Stores are paid N20,000 monthly.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    The salary ranges seem encouraging. Please, I saw somewhere that Roban Stores is recruiting this year. But I’m not sure there branch in Awka where I stay is really doing so.
    Please, can you help me confirm? I have a friend I want to help out with the suggestion.

    1. I cannot at this time confirm, however I advise your visit as sometimes they are open to replacement of staff

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