Salary & Rank Structure Of Civil Defence (NSCDC)

Salary of Civil Defence Officers in Nigeria

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was first formed in the year 1967 during the Nigerian / Biafra civil war.

ranks and salary structure of civil defence


In this blog post, salaries of Civil Defence officers will be provided. So, to find out about ranks & salaries of NSCDC officers in Nigeria, read this post carefully.

The Paramilitary agency remained an unofficial security agency till 28th June, 2003 when an act giving statutory backing to the agency was passed in the national assembly and signed into law by then president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Since the official adoption of the agency by the federal government of Nigeria, NSCDC has grown into one of the most effective security apparatus in Nigeria.

The Paramilitary agency is charged with responsibility of providing measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and its citizenry.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is often regarded as sister agency to Nigerian Immigration Service, Nigerian Correctional Service (former Nigerian Prison Service), Nigerian fire Service and Nigerian Customs Service.

The agency is under the supervision of federal ministry of interior.

The agency is headed by a Commandant General who is usually appointed by the president.

NSCDC have commands in all states of federation and is headquartered at Abuja.

With its high standard of operation and discipline, the agency has become attractive to Nigerian youths who are willing to take opportunities and build career with the Paramilitary agency.

What is the correct NSCDC salary structure in Nigeria? This is question most of those who wishes to join the paramilitary asks always.

This write up will explore the ranks and salary structure of NSCDC also known as civil defence in Nigeria.

An information that will be of great value to potential men and officers of the corps and likewise the general public.

Lets go straight and provide you with ranks and salary of civil defence officers in Nigeria.

Rank Structure In NSCDC

Just like in other sister Paramilitary agencies, ranks in NSCDC is based on educational qualifications and number of years in service.

Those in junior Cadre is regarded as men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps while those in senior Cadre is regarded as officers of NSCDC.

Below are the ranks in NSCDC starting from lowest NSCDC rank to highest NSCDC rank.

  • Level 3-5 – Assistant Cadre
  • Level 6 – Assistant Inspectorate Cadre
  • Level 7- Inspectorate Cadre
  • Level 8 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre II (ASC)
  • Level 9 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre I (ASC)
  • Level 10 – Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC)
  • Level 11 – Superintendent Cadre (SC)
  • Level 12 – Chief Superintendent Cadre(CSC)
  • Level 13 – Assistant Commander(AC)
  • Level 14 – Deputy Commander (DC)
  • Level 15 – Chief Commander (CC)
  • Level 16 – Assistant Commandant General(ACG)
  • Level 17 Deputy Commandant General (DCG)
  • Level 18 Commandant General (CG)

Salary Structure For Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps share same board with other paramilitary agencies in Nigeria which is Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prison Services Board (CDFIPB).

So also do they share similar ranks and salary structure too. They are paid with Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).
We will be listing the annual salary of different Cadres of the corps.

If you need to obtain monthly salary of each cadre, you simply divide the annual salary by 12 and you will get what each Cadre earn on monthly basis.

This is an estimated annual salary of each Cadre of NSCDC:

  • Assistant Cadre – NGN296,506 – NGN374,259
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – NGN357,385 – NGN411,454
  • Inspectorate Cadre – NGN483,014 – NGN567,065
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – NGN858,956 – NGN986,991
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – NGN939,310 – NGN1,056,416
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,012,562 – NGN1,143,539
  • Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,094,027 – NGN1,252,038
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,158,172 – NGN1,325,234
  • Assistant Commander – NGN1,225,584 – NGN1,405,449
  • Deputy Commander – NGN1,619,447 – NGN1,825,589
  • Chief Commander – NGN1,759,921 – NGN1,966,281
  • Assistant Commandant General – NGN2,272,288 – NGN2,464,560

Apart from having commands in all states of federation, the agency also have training schools spread across Nigeria where men and officers of the corps are trained and retrained for effective discharge of their duties.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps headquarters is located at Sauka Abuja, adjacent Nigeria Immigration Services complex.


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