Salary Scale of Nigeria Companies & Agencies (2024)

How Much Salary Nigeria Big Companies Pay Staff?

This post centers on salaries of top Nigeria companies and Agencies such as starting salary of NNPC and entry-level salary of Nigeria Breweries etc.

salary of companies in nigeria

The average salary in Nigeria is not encouraging when compared with the economic realities in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the Salaries of big and popular companies in Nigeria is very commendable and jaw dropping.

This post will unveil the salary structure of the best paying companies in Nigeria.

These are top companies with best and highest salaries and remunerations in Nigeria.

Also, salaries of top government agencies in Nigeria is high and will form part of our discourse in this page.

Finding and working for companies that pay highest salaries in Nigeria is dream of most Nigerian graduates.

As a result of this, most Nigeria graduates and applicants always seek to know the salary scale of companies where they intend to drop in an application.

Reasons for this is not difficult to know, salaries and earnings helps an individual to plan his or her career as well as goes a long way in classifying them in the society.

So, this makes it imperative why most Nigerian applicants always wish to know how much salary Nigeria multinationals companies and Agencies pay their staff.

It is against this backdrop that this article will serve as guide to finding out salaries of companies in Nigeria such as Shell, AGIP, NLNG, Nestle plc, Seplat, Dangote etc.

Salaries of top multinational companies and government agencies in Nigeria is very attractive and commendable.

To also be found in this article is the salaries of NCC, PENCOM,NIA,NNPC etc.

These government agencies in Nigeria are ranked among the highest paying government agencies in the country.

Here is the breakdown of Nigeria’s top companies and their staff salaries.

Entry-level Salary Structure of Nigeria Companies & Agencies

For clarity and direction, this article will provide starting salaries of companies in Nigeria otherwise known as entry-level salary.

We will be discussing salaries of top companies in different sectors in Nigeria.

Some of the salaries to be discussed are salaries of top companies in oil and gas sector, salaries of top banks in Nigeria, salaries of top construction companies in Nigeria, salaries of Breweries companies in Nigeria, salaries of production companies in Nigeria and salaries of top government agencies in Nigeria.

We are not making 100% claim of accuracy about all figures in this article; however, we can guarantee that figures about salary of companies in Nigeria in this post is accurate and near accurate figures.

This because we understand that salary structure and scale in Nigeria is subject to constant reviews and change.

We have carried out a thorough research by speaking to some staff of these companies and through other channels aimed at making sure that information on entry-level salary of big companies in Nigeria is credible.

Below is the confirmed salaries of Agencies and Companies in Nigeria.

Salary Structure of Top Production & Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

This section of the post will reflect on starting salaries of top production companies in Nigeria.

These are companies that are renowned for production and manufacturing of items in Nigeria.

Here is list of Nigeria’s top companies and their staff salaries.

Companies          Starting Salary

Dangote Cement-   N150,000

Dangote Sugar-      N140,000

BUA Cement-         N130,000

BUA Sugar-            N110,000

Lafarge-                  N95,000

PZ Cussons-          N145,000

Nestle Nigeria Plc-  N90,000

Dufil Prima Foods-  N150,000

Cadbury Nigeria plc- N130,000

Honeywell-                N85,000

UAC-                          N90,000

Salary Structure of Top Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Below is the salary of big oil companies in Nigeria. Nigeria is a top crude producer; hence top energy companies operates in Nigeria. This is salary of energy production companies in Nigeria.

Salary scale of oil companies in Nigeria like ExxonMobil, Shell, AGIP etc.

Companies      Starting Salary

Total oil-           N1 million

ExxonMobil-     N1 million

Shell (SPDC)-   N600,000

Mobil Oil Nigeria-   N520,000

Chevron-               N750,000

Seplat-                  N500,000

Schlumberger-      N500,000

NLNG-                  N750,000

Nestoil Plc-           N180,000

IOCs E&P-          N600,000 to N1 million (upstream)

Independents E&P-   N300,000 to N600,000

Multinational oil-      N300,000 to N600,000

Salary Structure of Telecommunications Companies in Nigeria

Here is the entry-level salary of telecom companies in Nigeria like MTN, Airtel, GLO etc.

Companies       Starting Salary

MTN Nigeria-     N180,000 to N250,000

Airtel Nigeria-    N100,000

GLO-                 N120,000

9 Mobile-           N95,000

Salary Structure of Banks in Nigeria

This section of the article talks about the entry-level salary of top commercial banks in Nigeria.

Companies      Starting Salary

UBA-               N140,000

Zenith Bank-   N120,000

Access Bank-  N220,000

GTBank-         N140,000

Unity Bank-     N100,000

FCMB-            N120,000

Sterling Bank-  N100,000

Heritage Bank-  N90,000

FirstBank Nigeria- N115,000

Polaris Bank-    N85,000

Wema Bank-     N120,000

Providus Bank-  N125,000

Jaiz Bank-         N150,000

Union Bank-      N180,000

Salary Structure of Top Government Agencies

Top Federal government agencies in Nigeria are known to pay good salary to their staff. In this category, we have compiled the salary scale of top government agencies in Nigeria. Below is their starting salaries.

Agencies      Starting Salary

NNPC-         N200,000

DPR-           N200,000

PPPRA-       N200,000

NIMASA-      N230,000

NIA-              N220,000

DSS-            N140,000

NDIC-          N145,500

INEC-          N135,000

Salary Structure of Brewery Companies in Nigeria

Below is the entry-level salary of Brewery companies in Nigeria.

Companies         Starting Salary

Nigeria Breweries-   N280,000

Guinness Breweries-   N180,000

Intafact Breweries-   N175,000

Sabmiller Breweries-   N150,000

Nigeria Bottling Companies-  N140,000

Salary Structure of Auditing Companies in Nigeria

These are salary scale of top auditing companies in Nigeria.

Companies     Starting Salary

KPMG-            N170,000

PWC-              N140,000

Deloitte-          N155,000

Salary Structure of Electricity Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Since privatization of energy in Nigeria, the energy distribution companies in the country has been attractive for Nigeria young engineers and applicants. Below is how much energy distribution companies pay as Salaries in Nigeria.

Companies     Starting Salaries

EEDC-            N90,000

PHEDC-          N100,000

EKEDC-          N120,000

AEDC-            N135,000

IKEDC-           N120,000

BEDC-            N95,000

KEDC-           N110,000

Salary Structure of Top Construction companies in Nigeria

Top construction companies in Nigeria also pay good and high salaries. Below is their figures.

Companies             Starting Salary

Julius Berger Nigeria-  N140,000

Arab Contractors-      N135,000

Setraco-                N115,000

RCC-                   N120,000

CCECC-              N145,000

Dantata and Sawoe- N100,000

Salary Structure of Top Online Payment Merchants in Nigeria

Some of the best performing companies in Nigeria are online payment facilitating companies. They also pay high salaries too.

Companies        Starting Salary

Interswitch-          N150,000

Paystack-            N135,000

Paga-                   N85,000

Conclusion on Salary Scale of Companies & Agencies in Nigeria

The salary listed in this write up is for permanent staff of these Nigeria companies and Agencies. Also, we do not claim one hundred percent accuracy of the figures in the post.

However, this work is well researched and can serve as guide for those wishing to make career decisions based on earnings.

These are salaries of top companies in Nigeria. From the above, some of these agencies in Nigeria pay their staff handsomely.


You can help make this article better by contributing meaningful to it through your observations, inputs and valid claims. Feel free to use our comment section in doing so.


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