Salary Structure Of Lecturers In Nigerian Universities (2024)

Teaching in a university in Nigeria is seen as one of the good paying government jobs in Nigeria. But how much lecturers in federal and state universities in Nigeria are paid have left more to be desired in terms of salary of university teachers in Nigeria

salary of lecturers in nigeria

Despite the incessant agitations and standoff between lecturers of government universities in Nigeria and their employers over remunerations, facts show that they one of the well-paid government employees when compared with numerous other government sectors especially those in ministries.

Also, the job is one of the most flexible government jobs in Nigeria. However the university lecturers have every right to demand for pay rise owing to the type of job that they do.

This post is focused on assessing and discussing the salaries of university lecturers in Nigeria.

Teaching or lecturing in government university in Nigeria has remained attractive among Nigerian skilled work force.

Apart from the remunerations that comes with the position, there is a popular notion or general feeling that the position comes with very less pressure.

However, as a lecturer in Nigeria, it required hard work, passion and dedication to make yourself an asset in the field.

In this article, Nigerian Informer will be discussing the salary structure of Lecturers in Nigerian government owned universities.

Average starting salaries of lecturers in Nigeria is between N96,000 and N128,000.

Also, in this article is the requirements for attaining different lecturing cadre / position in Nigerian university.

In summation, this article will answer the following question: what is the salary structure of lecturers in Nigeria? as well as what is the requirements for becoming a lecturer in Nigeria?.

All these and more about the current salary and earnings of university lecturers in Nigeria will be reviewed in their write up.

Salary of Professor in Nigerian University

To attain professorship position in Nigeria requires long years of dedication and publication in the academic sphere.

This position requires a minimum of 15 years teaching and research experience. Professorship position is the topmost echelons position among different university lecturing cadres in Nigeria.

It is from this position that heads of university and most principal officers of the university are appointed, e.g., Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans etc.

It is a highly revered position in university lecturing cadre. The basic salary of professors in Nigerian government universities is N342,442 per month after gross deductions.

Before now, professor in government universities earn above 400k, but with the introduction of Integrated payroll and personnel information system (IPPIS) in university salary payments, this leaves professors earning below $1000 per month (N342,442).

Salary of Reader / Associate Professor in Nigerian University

Reader or Associate professor is an academic rank or position below a professor and above senior lecturer.

To attain Reader /Associate Professor position in Nigeria requires Ph.D. qualifications and wide publication as well as long years of service in academic circle of up to 12 years.

The salary of Readers or Associate Professors in Nigerian government university is around N281,867 monthly after gross deductions.

Salary of Senior Lecturer in Nigerian University

To attain senior lecturer position in Nigeria university, a minimum of Ph.D. must be acquired with many years of teaching experiences and publications of up to 8 years.

After monthly gross deductions like tax, pension etc., a senior lecturer goes home with N231,393 each month.

Salary of Lecturer Ι in Nigerian University

Lecturer I is a rank below senior lecturer in Nigeria university lecturer’s cadre. The rank requires Ph.D. qualification or show evidence of having made substantial progress towards completing their doctorial thesis in addition to having a minimum of five years teaching and research experience and some scholarly publications.

Salary of lecturer I in Nigeria university is N163,709 each month after gross deductions.

Salary of Lecturer II in Nigerian University

To attain the position of Lecturer II in Nigerian University, candidates must possess M.A or M.Sc. with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.

The position can also be attained with Ph.D. qualification without teaching experience. The monthly salary of lecturer II is N130,002 after gross deductions.

Salary of Assistant Lecturer in Nigerian University

This position comes with M.A or M.Sc. qualifications. A good and excellent first degree can also be required for this position.

In government owned universities, Assistant lecturer earn N114,464 every month after gross deductions.

Salary of Graduate Assistant Lecturer in Nigerian University

To become a graduate assistant lecturer in Nigeria university, you must possess an excellent first degree.

Preferably 1st class or second-class upper division. Salary of graduate assistant lecturer in Nigeria university after monthly gross deductions is pegged at N99,768 per month.


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