Screeding Paint Price in Nigeria (2023)

Price of Screeding Paint in Nigeria

Screeding Paint also known as plaster of Paris (POP) paint has become widely used paint for buildings in Nigeria.

Screeding Paint Price in Nigeria

Screeding Paint is no doubt one of the paints and inventions of the century.

The paint provided a unique designs and aesthetics to houses and buildings.

It is increasingly becoming a very popular and mostly used paint in Nigeria for giving buildings best looks.

Screeding Paint comes in different colors and sizes. The price and cost of bucket of screeding paint is of high significant to those engaged in house building projects.

The most available size of Screeding paint in Nigeria market is the 20 litre bucket size of Screeding Paint.

Unlike other or ordinary paints, screeding Paint demands some expertise in its use and application.

Unlike other types of paints which can be applied direct without further inputs, screeding Paints are mixed and maneuvered to provide desired effects.

This is why it is special and can only be done by painters that have good knowledge of it.

As the demand for screeding Paint in Nigeria continues to rise, people continue to seek for informations concerning the paint like its prices, quality and brands.

In this post, we will be discussing the cost of Screeding Paint in Nigeria.

The price of Screeding paint in Nigeria is an information highly significant among house engineers as well as those undertaking house constructions.

So, this is why we considered bringing to our readers information about screeding paint cost in Nigeria worthwhile.

How Much is Price of Screeding Paint in Nigeria

The above query does not go away especially among those who are engaged in house construction projects.

To provide our audience with reliable tips about the price of Screeding paint in Nigeria, we carried out market survey in major paint markets in Nigeria.

This helped us to obtain verified data and information about the price and cost of Screeding paint in Nigeria.

This is the current cost of Screeding paint in Nigeria.

The price of 20 litres bucket of Screeding paint in Nigeria cost between N11 to N14,000 depending on the brand.

With this price range budget you can get screeding Paint no matter what part of Nigeria you maybe be.

This price cover the cost of screeding paint in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Anambra State.

Best Screeding / POP Paint in Nigeria

There are many screeding Paint brands in Nigeria. Most times users are left in limbo about how to get the best pop paint in Nigeria.

Here are some things to consider when choosing or buying screeding or pop paint.


This is very important when choosing a pop paint. You have to consider how long the paint can last without its original looks wearing off.

The question is can the screeding paint stand test of time.

Strength of The Paint

Consider the ability of the product to bind the wall texture.

It should be able to show resistance against environmental effects and hazards.

Heat & Humidity Tolerance

A good screeding Paint should be able to withstand against heat and humidity.

It should help keep the wall within good temperature.

Suitable for Wide Coverage

This should also be looked into when buying screeding paint.

How much areas and surface can the paint be able to cover.

Can it take care of lengthy walls and surfaces.

These are some of the factors to consider when buying or getting pop paint.

Some of The Best Screeding Paint in Nigeria

Below is the list of some of the high quality screeding paints in Nigeria markets.

These are best screening paint companies in Nigeria that you can use for house screeding

  • Dulux paint
  • Berger paint
  • Meyer paint
  • Finecoat paint
  • Accurate paint
  • Tenq paint


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