Senators Salary in Nigeria (2023)

How Much Nigeria Senators Earn Monthly As Salary

The salary of Nigeria senators has been a very topical issue in the media.

Senators Salary in Nigeria

Nigeria senators’ salary has been tagged jumbo and over bloated salaries by Nigeria media.

The basic pay of senators in Nigeria is not as high as portrayed, however these lawmakers earn big from allowances and divert monies for constituency projects for personal use.

The Nigeria senate is the upper legislative arm of Nigeria government. Senate house in Nigeria is headed by the senate president elected by the members of Nigeria senate.

There are 109 Senators in Nigeria which consists of 3 Senators from every state in Nigeria including federal capital territory.

Salary of Nigeria senators is adjudged to be among the highest in the world. Many believe it is the big salary of senators in Nigeria that influence high influx of politicians into senatorial contests in Nigeria.

To depicts how daring and how a big deal salary of senators in Nigeria is, many publications and articles has claimed that the salary of senators in Nigeria, a country characterized by widespread poverty is far bigger than salary of senators in United States. In this post,

we have obtained the true salary of senators in Nigeria. This will answer the question of how much is the take home salary of senators in Nigeria.

This will also include both the salary and allowance of senators in Nigeria. What is the take home salary of senators and federal lawmakers in Nigeria?

Nigeria Senators Salary: How Much Senator Earn As Salaries in Nigeria

Salary of senators in Nigeria has been shouldered in secrecy with many speculation, rumors and big figures flying all over the media about the true salary of senators in Nigeria.

Former Nigerian senator from Kaduna who is very outspoken and social media savvy, senators Sani Shehu reveled that the basic salary of senators in Nigeria is N750,000 per month.

He went further to expose that the Nigeria senators monthly salary comes with monthly allowances in tune of around N13 million.

This put the total monthly earnings of senators in Nigeria at around N14 million which stood at around $39,000.

Annually senators salary in Nigeria is around N170 million which in dollars is around $470,000 per year.

This is no doubt a jumbo salary when compared to average salary of civil servants in Nigeria.

This large and over bloated salary of senators in Nigeria has continued to generate outcry and outrageous reactions and views from public.

The senators pay and salaries in Nigeria is part of the hidden agendas of the converners and promoters of “End SARS” campaign in Nigeria.

Annual Salary and Allowances of Senators in Nigeria

Senators in Nigeria are paid huge on bonuses and allowances. It is these bonuses that puts them at the top echelons on best and highest paid lawmakers in the world.

Nigeria senators are paid allowances on numerous items and engagements. Some of the salary and allowance earnings of senators in Nigeria are on the following items and duties.

  • Utilities
  • Domestic staff
  • Entertainment
  • Personal assistant
  • Vehicle maintenance and fueling allowance
  • Motor vehicle allowance
  • Duty tour
  • Estacode
  • Hardship allowance
  • Constituency allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • Newspaper allowance
  • Wardrobe allowance
  • Recess allowance
  • House maintenance

According to numerous online reports and sources, Nigeria senators are paid allowances and bonuses on the above items and engagements.

It is these financial activities that puts the total overhead costs of maintaining a Nigerian senator at N13.7 million per month.

Make no mistake about it, salary of Nigeria senators is among the highest in the world. Nigeria senators salary is higher than that of some world first countries like United States.

Nigeria Senators Salary: An Overview

Nigeria practice and run one of the most expensive governments in the world. In Nigeria, political office holders are paid millions of naira every month.

This is a country battling economic crisis and poverty. The Nigeria legislative arm of government made up of senate and house of representatives has been facing a long criticisms of earning unjustified salaries and remunerations.

The Nigeria senate in particular which is the upper legislative arm of Nigeria government has faced public outcry to reduce their earnings and salaries.

However, every year, the government arm keeps budgeting millions of dollars for running and maintaining an assembly of 109 persons in a country of over 200 million people.

Asides the N13.7 million monthly earnings and salary of senators in Nigeria, Nigeria senators engaged in some popular corrupt practices to earn more money like contract kick back.

This is situation where senate committee agrees to assent to a contract budgets in return for huge sums and other gratifications.

This was further exposed during the 2020 investigation of NNDC and its activities. Another big money source for senators in Nigeria is the constituency project funds.

These are money meant for instituting projects in constituency of each senators.

These project are hardly carried out and the money does not even gets to the people. The senators divert these funds and lavish them in their luxurious lifestyles and political ambitions and journeys.

Hence, the continuous outcry to cut down on salary of senators in Nigeria and if possible reduce their numbers or return the country to unicameral legislature.


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