Cost of Solar Energy Installation in Nigeria (2024)

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Energy in Nigeria

Solar power in Nigeria has become a major source of power in the country.

Cost solar power in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country flawed by epileptic power supply which has left many power consumers seeking for alternative power sources.

This perhaps contributed immensely to rapid embrace of solar power in Nigeria as alternative to other energy sources in Nigeria.

Improvements have continued to be made on solar energy installation in Nigeria.

Installation and use of solar energy in Nigeria requires some expertise and massive funds.

That is why solar energy installation in Nigeria is not yet common in Nigeria. The cost of solar energy installation in Nigeria is not cheap.

The major component or equipments for solar energy generation is solar panels and Inverter batteries.

These two items are the most expensive equipments for solar energy installation.

The capacities of solar energy in Nigeria is dependent on its these two items mentioned.

So, categorically, the cost of solar energy otherwise known as renewable energy in Nigeria is based on the capacity of the solar energy.

In this post, we will give a rough estimate of cost of setting up solar energy in a home or office Nigeria.

Cost of Setting Up Solar Energy in Nigeria

Solar energy installation in Nigeria are not cheap and cost millions of Naira to set up.

This is because of equipments used in generating the renewable or solar energy are most imported and not locally sourced.

Also, the labour cost for solar energy installation in Nigeria is also on the high side as not many electrical engineers has the technical know how to install solar energy.

The labour cost of solar energy installation in Nigeria ranges between N200,000 to N500,000 depending on the capacity of the solar energy project undertaken.

Of all equipments for solar energy in Nigeria, Solar panel and Inverter batteries are the most expensive.

Cost of installing solar energy in Nigeria is dependent on the capacity of the solar energy.

Also, the capacity of solar energy is dependent on its solar panels and Inverter batteries.

Solar energy of higher or larger panels and Inverter batteries will perform better and outlast in power supply those of lesser panels and batteries.It is just that simple.

However, the cost of solar panels in Nigeria and Inverter batteries are very expensive especially the Inverter batteries.

Thus affecting and playing of the how much that can be used to install solar power in Nigeria.

Currently, the cost of 4KVA solar power for 3 bedrooms apartment in Nigeria goes for around 2 million naira.

This is Lagos cost of solar power installation.

However, there are chances that this might be cheaper in other places.

The cost solar energy installation in Abuja and Port Harcourt is also close to cost of solar energy in Lagos.

The cost of 10KVA solar power installation in Nigeria which can power full duplex is around 3.5million to 4 million.

Inverter batteries are the most expensive and cost items for solar power installation in Nigeria.

These batteries also determine how long a solar power can last in Nigeria.

How Long Can Solar Power Last in Nigeria

Solar power when in use can last based on capacity of its Inverter battery when fully charged.

Solar power capacity of 10KVA can last 48 hrs if moderately used and when fully charged too.

Solar power in Nigeria are very reliable and is increasingly becoming alternative source of power supply.

Many banks in Nigeria now rely on solar power to keep their important machines up and running all around the clock like ATM machines and cameras.

Also, solar energy can be trusted to last for over 10 years especially when used as required and with care.

The major solar energy equipment that care must be taken when being installed and purchased is the inverter batteries.

This is one of the major component of solar energy system that determines how long solar energy can perform.


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