State Government Salary in Nigeria (2024)

State Government Salary for Graduates in Nigeria

Nigerians loves to work for her government especially graduates. If you work for government in Nigeria, you either for for federal, state or local government. How much is salary of state government staff and workers.

Salary of state governments in Nigeria

There is preference and interest to work for Nigeria federal government as their remuneration tends to be higher to than those of other governments.

Many Nigerians, especially graduates have played down interest to work for state government because of poor remunerations.

Salary and working conditions of state governments in Nigeria is unattractive to many especially graduates.

Now, while federal government maintain uniform salary for its staff of same cadre and in same fields, this isn’t the case with state governments in Nigeria.

The salary of state governments in Nigeria is hardly even and differ from state to state. How salary graduates are paid in state government is in accordance with their state salary scale.

Salary of level 8 civil servant in Lagos, may not be same with staff of Zamfara state government of same level.

This is why it is important to also find out how much a state government in Nigeria pays as salary before taking up an appointment.

From our research, the salary of Lagos State government and Rivers state government remain the highest in the country.

In this post, we may not provide every state government salary in Nigeria, however, we have come up with salary structure of states like Lagos, Rivers, Enugu, Anambra, Ogun, Akwa Ibom etc.

These are some of the states with most sought after questions concerning salaries and remunerations of state governments in Nigeria.

If you want to get information about how much state government in Nigeria pays their staff especially graduates or those in level 8,then read on while we unveil the details.

Salary of Graduates Working in State Government

Graduates recruited into any government job in Nigeria is usually placed on level 8.

This is the level graduates in Nigeria joins government jobs.

This work will largely center on level 8 salary in Nigeria state government.

Below are some of the salaries of some state governments in Nigeria.

Lagos State Salary Structure for Graduates

Lagos State salary for level 8 is very juicy. Lagos state is the highest paying state government in Nigeria.

Starting Salary for Graduates in Lagos State Government is above N50,000 per month.

The level 8 salary in Lagos state government is between N50,000 to N55,000 monthly after tax.

This is how much newly joined graduates are paid as salary in Lagos state Civil service.

Rivers State Salary Structure for Graduates

In this segment, we will provide Rivers state grade level 8 salary.

Rivers state government is also with Lagos state in the list of highest paying state governments in Nigeria.

Graduate who joins Rivers state civil service starts from level 8.

Level 8 salary in Rivers state start from N47,000 to N50,000 per month.

This makes Rivers state one of the states with highest salary in Nigeria.

Anambra State Salary Structure for Graduates

How much is the starting salary of graduates in Anambra civil service.

This is the question we will answer in this segment of the post.

Currently, level 8 salary in Anambra state civil service ranges between N32,000 to N37,000 per month.

This is the starting salary of graduates in Anambra State civil service.

Other State Government Salary for Graduates in Nigeria

Federal government salary dwarfs state government salaries in Nigeria, this is one of the reason there is high interest to join federal civil service in Nigeria.

On average, level 8 salary which is starting salary grade for graduates in Enugu state government, Imo state government and Abia state is between N30,000 to N38,000 per month after tax.

In northern Nigeria, Benue and Kano state are among the highest paying state governments in North.

Starting salary of graduates in Benue and Kano state government starts from N37,000 to N45,000 per month.

Kaduna and Plateau State level 8 salary is also very close to those of Kano.

Of course, Abuja, which is under FCT pays highest salary among states in north.

Level 8 salary in federal capital development authority is upto N100,000 per month.

They earn almost same as those of federal civil servants.

In same way, starting salary of graduates in Ogun, Osun, Oyo and Ondo ranges between N32,000 to N42,000 per month.

Lagos is the highest paying state governments in Southwest closely followed by Ogun state and Oyo state.

Apart from Rivers state, Akwa Ibom State government salary for level 8 is also among the highest in the zone.

Most state in southsouth are oil producing states and pays commendable salaries.

Level 8 starting salary in Delta, Bayelsa, Edo and Cross River is between N35,000 to N47,000 per month.

This is how much graduates are paid in these states in Nigeria as starting salaries.

We hope to update this page with more details on state government salaries in Nigeria with regards to graduates salaries in state government jobs in Nigeria.

If the new Minimum wage of N30,000 can be strictly implemented across all states, then level 8 salary in state government in Nigeria should be above N50,000 per month.

Currently, most states in Nigeria, are not implementing the new minimum wage as signed by the federal government.


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