States in South-East Nigeria

How Many States is in South East

South East is one of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

States in South-East

The zone was formerly eastern Nigeria and is the only geopolitical zone with five states in Nigeria.

Southeast Nigeria is a region in Nigeria dominated predominantly by the Igbo speaking tribe and predominantly Christians.

Southeast Nigeria is part of former breakaway Biafra republic.

A region which attempted to form an independent state from Nigeria in 1967.

The following states consists of southeast Nigeria: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo.

This answers the question of how many states is in southeast Nigeria.

In this article, we will briefly discuss about states in southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria as well as the population of southeast Nigeria.

List of States in South-East Nigeria

Below is the list of all states in southeast Nigeria and their capitals.

Abia State

Abia State also known as God’s own state is one of the states in southeast Nigeria.

The state has Umuahia as its capital. The major commercial city in Abia state is Aba which is Nigerian’s hub for fabrics and leather works.

Abia state was created in 1991 and has a total of 17 local government areas.

The people of Abia state are predominantly traders and Christians.

Abia state is one of the states in southeast that is an oil producing state and part of Niger Delta.
Anambra State

Anambra State is also one of the most popular states in southeast.

Anambra which is also known as Light of the nation has Awka as its capital.

There are about 11 million residents in the state and this is because of high level of commercial activities in the state.

Anambra state has Onitsha as its biggest city and commercial center.

Other top cities in Anambra State are: Nnewi, Ekwulobia, Umunze and Agulu.

The south eastern state has a total of 21 local government areas.

The people of Anambra State are predominantly traders and businessmen by occupation.

The major religion in Anambra State is Christianity and the people are predominantly catholics.

Onitsha is not the capital of Anambra state but its commercial center

Ebonyi State

Another state in southeast Nigeria is the agrarian Ebonyi state.

The people of the state are mostly Igbos and are known for their industrious nature.

The capital of Ebonyi state is Abakaliki while the state is estimated to be home to over 4 million residents.

Some of the major cities in Ebonyi state are: Afikpo, Isu, Onicha, Onueke and Nkalegu.

People of the state are mostly farmers and Ebonyi state has numerous natural resources deposits.

The total number of local government areas in Ebonyi state is 13 local councils.

Enugu State

Coming up next in our list of state in southeast Nigeria is Enugu state popularly referred to as coal city state.

The state was created out of old Anambra State in the year 1991.

The capital of the state is also called Enugu and the state is prominent for huge coal deposit.

The major cities and urban centers in Enugu state are: Nsukka, Awgu, Udi, Ezeagu, Ngwo and Agbani.

The total number of all local government areas in Enugu state is 17 local government areas.

The religion of people of Enugu state is predominantly Christianity.

The people of Enugu are predominantly civil servants and farmers by occupation.

It one of the states in south-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Imo State

Imo State is in southeast Nigeria and is one of the Igbo state that is oil producing state.

The total number of oil wells in Imo state is above 160 oil wells.

Imo state was created in 1976 and has Owerri as its capital city.

Other major cities in Imo state are Orlu, Mgbidi and Okigwe.

The total number of local government in Imo state is 27 local council.

The people of Imo State are predominantly Christians, artisans and businessmen and women. It is one of the states in southeast Nigeria.

Population of South-East Nigeria

Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria has a combine total population in estimation of around 27 million residents.

Anambra state is the state with highest population in southeast.

Abia state is second most populated state in southeast Nigeria.

Majority of population of southeast geopolitical zone are Igbo people and people of the state.

The population of southeast region is projected to be around 27 million residents.


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