States Population in Nigeria (2023)

Population of States in Nigeria

Nigeria is made up of 36 states and federal capital territory. To be contained in this article is Nigeria states and their population estimates 2023/2024.

Population of States in Nigeria

Nigeria is a federal state and its states enjoys some level of independency and autonomy.

The population of Nigeria is determined through her state population carried out by National Population Commission during census.

The Nigeria’s national census population is done on state based and then collated together nationally.

This blog post will list Nigeria states and their current population. Population of different states in Nigeria is very vital in so many ways

Oftentimes in Nigeria, resources and distribution of welfares and development are done according to population of states in Nigeria.

This is one of the reasons why states population in Nigeria are very important and taken seriously.

However, the government agency saddled with responsibility of updating and providing true population of states in Nigeria and Nigeria at large, National Population Commission (NPC) through periodic census hasn’t lived up to its engagement.

Since 2006,Nigeria is yet to witness an organized and generally accepted census in the country.

This has left the country with population projections and estimations.

Some states governments has been making effort to conduct states census and determine the population of their respective states in Nigeria.

However, the only widely accepted population figure in Nigeria are those from National Population Commission.

In this post through population projection index and relying on some internationally recognized population data collation agencies we will be providing the population of states in Nigeria.

In otherwords, we will discussing the population of Nigeria by states.

By the end of these post, our readers will be able to find state with largest/biggest population in Nigeria and states with smallest / lowest population in Nigeria.

Overview of States in Nigeria & Their Population

Below is the detailed information about population of states in Nigeria.

Abia State Population

The current population of Abia state is estimated to be around 4,265,920 residents.

The population of Abia state is projected to be growing at 2.74% per annum.

As at 2011, according to National Population Commission, Abia state population stood at around 3,256,600.

Adamawa State Population

In the year 2011, Adamawa state population was estimated at 3,675,000 residents.

The population of the state is projected to be growing at 2.94% per year.

The current population of Adamawa state is projected to be around 4,911,392 residents.

This population of Adamawa state makes it one of the most populated states in northeast Nigeria. Greater population of Adamawa state is predominantly Muslims while their is Christian minorites found across all parts of the state.

Akwa Ibom  State Population

The current population of Akwa Ibom state is estimated to around 6,497,967 residents according to

This makes her second most populous south-south state behind Rivers state.

Anambra  State Population

Anambra population is projected to be around 6,358,311 residents.

This makes Anambra the state with highest population in southeast Nigeria.

Bauchi State Population

Bauchi State population currently stood at around 4,676,465 residents based on estimations and projections.

Bayelsa  State Population

Bayelsa population was 1,970,500 residents in the year 2011.

Population of the state was on 2.94% growth per year.

The current population of Bayelsa state is 2,633,466.

Benue State Population

According to, a reliable population directory, population of Benue State is currently estimated at around 6,671,338.

Borno State Population

The population of Borno state is estimated to be around 6,945,977.

Maiduguri, the capital of Borno has the highest population in Borno state.

Cross River State Population

4,469,525 is the estimated population of Cross River State.

Of this Cross River population, over 1 million is the population of Calabar the capital of Cross Rivers state.

Delta  State Population

The population of Delta State is on 3.25% growth per year. 6,646,022 is the current population of Delta state.

Ebonyi State Population

Ebonyi State in southeast Nigeria is estimated to have a population of about 3,314,289 residents.

Edo State Population

Population of Edo is one of the largest in south-south geo political zone of Nigeria.

The current population of Edo State is around 4,847,769.

State By State Population of Nigeria

This write up continues to provide the states population in Nigeria.

Ekiti  State Population

Ekiti state in Southwest Nigeria is estimated to have total population of 3,819,332.

This makes Ekiti state the Yoruba state with smallest population in Nigeria.

Enugu State Population

Enugu, the coal city state boost of human population in estimation of around 5,125,050 residents.

Enugu population is one of the largest in southeast Nigeria.

Gombe State population

The population of people living in Gombe state is estimated to be around 3,822,080.

The state is one of the lowest populated states in northern Nigeria.

Imo  State Population

The estimated population of Imo State is 6,347,078.

This is an increase from 4,609,000 which was reported to be Imo Population in the year 2011.

Jigawa  State Population

For the current year, the population of Jigawa state as reported by population city is around 6,737,624.

Kaduna  State Population

The estimate population of Kaduna State is 7,724,329 according to MNCH2.

With this population, Kaduna is one of highly populated Northern states in Nigeria.

Kano  State Population

According to reliable population data collation agency MNCH Kano population is estimated to be around 13,167,983 residents.

However, this contradicts the population of Kano state according to the state’s official website which puts Kano state population at 20 million residents.

Katsina State Population

The projected population of Katsina is 6,293,761 residents.

Kebbi State Population

The population of Kebbi State as reported by series of population collation website is 4,721,431 residents.

Kogi State Population

The north central state of Kogi has an estimated population of 5,179,581.

Kwara State Population

Kwara state has an estimated population of 3,709,417 people residing in the state.

Lagos State Population

The current population of Lagos is estimated to be around 14,862,111.

This is the current Lagos population.

States in Nigeria & Their Populations

Here is more on population of different states in Nigeria.

Nasarawa State Population

Nasarawa Population is currently at 2,931,724. This is the population of Nasarawa state.

Niger State Population

Niger State Population according to the state’s official website is 3,945,772 residents.

Of this Niger state population, 2,004,350 are males while 1,950,422 are females.

Ogun State Population

Ogun state population is among the largest in Southwest.

The current population of Ogun state is 6,153,869.

Ondo  State Population

The current population of Ondo state is estimated to be in the region of 5,372,477.

Osun  State Population

Osun state population is projected to be 5,521,901. This is the true population of Osun state.

Oyo  State Population

Oyo State population is currently put at 6,492,984 residents.

This leaves Oyo state at the second most populated Yoruba state.

Plateau State Population

Plateau state has 4,807,509 residents in population.

The state stands out among the most populous states in north central Nigeria.

Other Nigeria States & Population

Rivers  State Population – 9,567,892

Sokoto State Population – 5,809,969

Taraba  State Population – 3,545,463

Yobe State Population – 3,924,186

Zamfara  State Population – 5,298,931

Abuja (FCT) Population – 3,496,532


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