10 States With Highest HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rate In Nigeria (2024)

Every 1st of December annually, the world celebrates world AIDS Day.

A day set aside to specifically educate, campaign and call to people consciousness about one of the world most deadly virus, HIV/AIDS.


As governments and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) continues to mount campaigns again HIV /AIDS in Nigeria, it is always important to see how far states are doing in HIV /AIDS prevalence chart.

So, this post will give an account of states in Nigeria with highest HIV/AIDS rate in Nigeria.

According to latest report by National Agency for Control of Aids (NACA), south south geo political zone of Nigeria has the highest prevalent record of people living with HIV.

The latest survey by Nigerian HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS), shows that in general, 1.4% of Nigerians are living with HIV /AIDS.

This information will be highly significant to health workers and HIV/AIDS campaign planners.It will also be beneficiary to students and for academic purposes.

It is also important that one have knowledge of this information in other to apply caution and change of attitude especially when visiting a territory.

HIV Prevalence Rate According To States In Nigeria

Below is the HIV/AIDS Prevalence rate according to states in Nigeria.

So, from this article, you can discover states with highest rate of HIV/AIDA infections in Nigeria i.e states in Nigeria where HIV is high in Nigeria.

  • Akwa Ibom 5.6%
  • Benue 4.9%
  • Rivers 3.8%
  • Taraba 2.7%
  • Anambra 2.4%
  • Enugu 2.1%
  • Abia 2.1%
  • Delta 1.9%
  • Nasarawa 1.9%
  • Edo 1.8%

Other Nigerian States & Their Prevalence Rate

  • Bayelsa 1.8%
  • Cross River 1.7%
  • Imo 1.6%
  • Plateau 1.5%
  • FCT 1.5%
  • Lagos 1.3%
  • Borno 1.3%
  • Adamawa 1.3%
  • Ogun 1.2%
  • Gombe 1.2%
  • Kaduna 1.0%
  • Kogi 1.0%
  • Kwara 1.0%
  • Ondo 0.9%
  • Osun 0.9%
  • Oyo 0.9%
  • Ebonyi 0.8%
  • Niger 0.7%
  • Ekiti 0.7%
  • Kebbi 0.6%
  • Kano 0.5%
  • Zamfara 0.5%
  • Yobe 0.4%
  • Bauchi 0.4%
  • Sokoto 0.4%
  • Jigawa 0.3%
  • Katsina 0.3%


We can make a world free from HIV/AIDS. Abstinence from pre & extra marital sex remains the best way of staying HIV/AIDS free.

As for the singles, if you can’t abstain from pre-marital sex, always use condom and avoid unprotected sex.

Show love and care to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Remember, it is a crime to discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.


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