Sterling Bank Salary Structure (2024)

How Much Sterling Bank Pay Staff

Sterling bank popularly known by their unique selling point, one customer bank is a top commercial bank in Nigeria.

Sterling Bank Salary

What salary of sterling bank looks like is a very interesting topic for young applicants in banking sector.

Sterling bank is one of many banks in Nigeria that make maximum use of contracts staff especially in the non-technical departments of the bank.

This may not be unconnected to high demand for requests on informations concerning salary of contracts staff at sterling Bank.

In this post, salary of sterling bank staff will be discussed in full.

This includes sterling bank permanent staff salary, sterling bank contract staff salary as well as Salary of marketers at Sterling Bank.

Sterling bank has tradition of having mega branches across cities.

They believe in staff a branch to capacity of handling their teeming customers.

Hence, you can hardly see multiple branches of Sterling banks in most cities.

So, a branch of Sterling bank always have high number of staff of different departments earning different salaries and performing separate functions.

To be contained in this article is how much Sterling bank pay marketers and the starting salary in Sterling bank.

Sterling Bank Staff Salaries: How Much Sterling Bank Staff Earn as Salaries

Below is a credible break down of different salaries of segments of Sterling bank staff.

This information is based on our research and interview with some serving staff of Sterling bank.

Sterling Bank Salary for Permanent Staff

New and permanent staff at Sterling Bank earn a monthly pay in region of around N90,000.

This is the starting salary of full time staff of Sterling bank in Nigeria.

This class of staff are regarded as permanent staff of the bank.

Permanent staff of Sterling bank mostly join through the bank’s graduate trainee program.

They are core staff and assets of the bank. They also enjoy to fullest all bonuses and incentives there is for staff of Sterling bank.

Sterling Bank Salary for Contract Staff

Contract staff at Sterling Bank are also known as DSA staff, are staff of the bank employed for a specific period to help cover and improve a banking department.

Salary of contract staff at sterling Bank is around N60,000 per month.

Performances by contract staff of Sterling bank can attract special recognition and rewards.

Sterling Bank Salary for Marketing Staff

Marketers at Sterling Bank or sales reps at Sterling Bank earn salary of around N40,000 per month.

It should be noted that inability to meet a specific target as marketing staff at Sterling Bank can be consequential.

The good thing about being a marketing staff at Sterling Bank is that it affords you time unlike those in operations.

However, inability to meet set targets can have huge consequences especially if after mid year accessment.

Sterling Bank Salary of Cleaners and Security Personnel

Sterling bank staff in this Cadre or category earn just same amount with counterparts of other bank.

Salary of newly employed cleaners at Sterling Bank is around N30,000.

This is same amount as Salary for security personnels at Sterling Bank.


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