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World best football leagues, sports and shows are mostly aired on satellite TV in Nigeria. The cost of acquiring and maintaining a satellite TV in Nigeria is expensive.

streaming live events using facebook

The above situation contributes highly to reasons why most Nigerians miss out on viewing top games and shows. Facebook, world most popular social media app has bridged lots of gap in technology and our mode of activities.

Some people do not know that one can actually stream live matches and events using Facebook app.

Today through Facebook, friends in two different continents can discuss as if they are living next door. People gets informed of events and happenings in their society simply by staying glued to their Facebook app. One of the problems Facebook app has been able to solve is the problem of finding a good application for streaming live matches and shows that is data friendly.

Today in Nigeria, most mobile users are embracing the live streaming habits. Apart from high cost of satellite TV, its more portable as you can watch these shows anywhere you might be provided you have access to stable network.

In otherwords, one does not have to be at home before he or she can watch a game or a show, neither do you need electricity before you can enjoy these live events.

Actually, there are thousands of apps developed specifically for live streaming, like Mobdro, Live NetTv etc. But what makes Facebook applications better for streaming live matches and shows is that it is stress free and easy to locate live events.

Also, Facebook live streaming is data friendly in the sense that it does not consume so much data when compared with some other live streaming apps. The reason for less data consumption by Facebook app during streaming is because, the videos are not of High Definition (HD).

But I can bet you that most Nigerians would want to stream live matches with little data irrespective of the quality of the video. Also live shows and movies can also be streamed live on Facebook.

Here is tips on how to watch live football matches and other events using Facebook app.

Steps For Streaming Live Matches Or Shows On Facebook

• Make sure you are connected to a stable network and have your network turned on.
• Launch the Facebook application.
• Go to top left of the app and locate the search bar.
• Type in the name of the show or match you seek to view and add “LIVE” to it after typing e.g. “LIVERPOOL VS BARCELONA LIVE” and click on go.
A pop-up of the live show will appear and you click on it and enjoy your game or show.

It is just that simple. For a football match make sure you have a minimum of 1giga byte of data. The reason for that amount of data is so as not to be interrupted while viewing as a result of running short of data. But surely, 500giga byte will do for a football game.


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