Studying Law in Nigeria: What To Expect

Studying law in Nigeria is considered one of the top career paths.

Law Schools in Nigeria

This is because law as profession is a noble one as held globally.

The perculiarities of Nigeria’s education system has left many Nigerians students asking questions about studying law in Nigeria.

Some of the frequently asked questions about studying law in Nigeria includes but not limited to: Is it hard to study law in Nigeria?, Is studying law in Nigeria worth it and how to study law in Nigeria as university or polytechnic graduate.

This article will seek to give opinions on soft queries about studying law as a course in Nigeria.

Law is one of the most sought-after art courses among Nigeria students.

Despite the high application for law courses in Nigeria, not all universities in Nigeria offer law courses.

Also, to study law in Nigeria, student is expected to be of some level of academic abilities.

Here is our take on what to expect if you intend to study law in Nigeria.

This might inform your decision on why you should or shouldn’t study law in Nigeria.

Is it Hard to Study Law in Nigeria?

This is some of the preliminary questions students with interests in law courses usually ask.

As a result of priestigde that comes with law profession, prospective law students in Nigeria are usually eager to find out if it is difficult or hard to study law in Nigeria.

To study law in Nigeria is not hard nor difficult, however it requires intensive academic effort to be able to study law and come out with good grades.

So, it is not course for lazy students and one that students can easily get on with without intensive studies.

Also, law faculties are some of the most disciplined faculties you would find in the universities.

So, examination malpractice rate is so low which makes it difficult for lazy students who might be banking on examination malpractice.

Above all, studying law in Nigeria is not hard but requires hard work and efforts.

Is Studying Law in Nigeria Worth It?

In recent time, many people have argued on the career propect of lawyers in Nigeria, with many suggesting that it may not worth it studying law in Nigeria.

Nigeria is battling outrageous unemployment which the law and legal sectors are not left out.

While there are many new and young lawyers in Nigeria who are finding it difficult to secure jobs with top law firms and in the legal arena, some are fortunate and have landed some top jobs in the industry.

It is still worth it to study law in Nigeria this is because of potential that comes with the profession.

Conflicts and disputes are abound in Nigeria and the services of legal practitioners will continue to be sought after.

Also, the career prospects for lawyers is very huge in Nigeria as lawyers can make it big outside the courtrooms. So, it is still worth it to study law in Nigeria.

How to Study Law in Nigeria As a Graduate

Many people study and obtain law degree as second degree having graduated from university or polytechnic.

If you want to study law in Nigeria as a graduate, you will have to apply as direct entry student and must meet certain requirements to study law in Nigeria as graduate.

Here are some requirements to study law in Nigeria as direct entry candidate.

  • Be graduate of recognised university
  • Obtain minimum of second class upper division
  • Maybe, be enrolled in university degree program and must be in 300 level and above

These are some of the prerequisite that is demanded for you to enroll into law degree in Nigeria universities and start from 200 level.

For graduate who wants to study law in Nigeria, the level they will start from is 200 level.

How Many Years Does It Take to Study Law Course in Nigeria?

The number of years it takes to study law in Nigeria is five (5) years plus one (1) year law school.

So in totality, any student that wants to study law in Nigeria will spend six years at school undertaking both law classes and professional training.

It take six (6) years to study law in Nigeria and be ready to practice.

Other Things You Must Know If You Want to Study Law in Nigeria

To study law in Nigeria,there are certain things that potential students should be aware of.

These are some things that is associated with studying law in Nigeria.

Dress Corporate At All Times

The official dress code for law students in Nigeria is black and white coperate wears or suite.

This corporate dress must be used by the students whenever they are in for official academic classes or exercise.

Law Text Books are Costly

The law books are quite expensive and the students should be ready to pay relatively high amounts to buy and procure law books.

As you know, Nigeria library system is not quite perfect and students mostly buy text books for their courses and same is applicable for law students.

High Level of Discipline

If you intend to study law in Nigeria, you must maintain some level of discipline.

Most law faculties in Nigeria do not tolerate trancy, examination malpractice and absenteeism.

In some law faculties, poor grades can lead to student being dropped from the faculty.

Law School Requires Good Efforts

Law School which is the last lapse of academic programs for law students is very demanding and requires good effort.

To fail any course in law school implies that you wouldn’t graduate and subsequently be called to bar.

So, you must be at your best to be able to pull through law school in Nigeria.


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