Cost of T-Shirts Branding & Printing in Nigeria (2024)

How Much is Cost of Printing & Branding on T-Shirt in Nigeria

Branding a polo wear or t-shirt is a popular practice in Nigeria. This article will discuss the cost of branding polo in Nigeria.

Price of branding t-shirts in Nigeria

From time to time, both individuals and organizations do have a reason to brand on t-shirts or print on polo in Nigeria.

For organizations and companies, branding t-shirts and polo is one of the ways of promoting a brand and increasing its visibility.

Individuals do print on t-shirts in Nigeria for numerous reasons such as for weedings, funerals or just personal use.

Customizing jersey in Nigeria is also very popular among sports lovers.

Many football fans in Nigeria do buy their favourite jerseys and have their names printed behind it.

Having seen how and why many Nigerians print or brand polo wear and t-shirts in Nigeria, another question that comes to mind is the cost of printing and branding on t-shirts (polo) in Nigeria.

How much it costs to print on t-shirts in Nigeria varies from city to city and depends on certain factors.

However, we considered the price of T-Shirt branding in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt for the purpose of this write up.

Price of branding t-shirts in Nigeria is highly affected by volume of information to be printed on the polo wear.

This is because the higher the volume of information to be branded on the t-shirt, the higher the materials and paints needed.

Also, the number of colours to be used for t-shirt branding in Nigeria also determined the price of branding polo in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing the general price for printing and branding on t-shirts in Nigeria.

We will be using cost of t-shirt branding in Lagos as template for this post. This will easily cover how much it costs in other parts of Nigeria to brand polo , t-shirts and cap.

Price of T-Shirt Branding for Obituary / Burial

Branding a t-shirt for burial and obituary purposes is usually the cheapest type of polo branding.

Branding a t-shirt for obituary or burial with image of deceased and funeral message usually cost between N500 to N800 per polo or t-shirt.

This is usually one colour t-shirt printing. It represents t-shirts branding price from some of the best polo t-shirt branding companies in Lagos.

Cost of T-Shirts Branding for Companies/ Businesses

Often, printing or branding on T-Shirt for organizations requires more than one colour.

For multi-colour t-shirt branding, it’s cost ranges between N2500 to N3000 per t-shirt.

It might be slightly above states figures if it comes with larger images and colours.

Cost of Printing on Jersey in Nigeria

Printing or customizing football jersey in Nigeria is a very popular practice.

The price for printing on jersey in Nigeria costs between N3000 to N4500.

However, the price of printing on jerseys can be cheaper when when local artists are used or contracted.

It can go for around N1500 to brand a jersey in Nigeria.

This is the price of branding or printing on t-shirts in Nigeria currently.

Cost of Branding Face Caps in Nigeria

Face cap branding is on increase in Nigeria.

Most face cap branding are for weddings, traditional title taking, political campaigns and other social campaigns.

The price for face cap branding ranges between N400 to N800 depending on volume of branding message.


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