11 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Mr. Peter Obi (CON)

Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate for upcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria is one of Nigeria and Africa’s finest and honorable politician.

facts about mr peter obi

The Onitsha born trader, hails from Agulu, a town in Anambra State and was born on 19th day of July 1961.

Before joining politics in 2003, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi was a successful business tycoon and a philanthropist.

His antecedents during his eight years tenure as governor of Anambra State has earned him to heart of many as one of the finest politicians of his generation.

He is also remembered as the man who broke lots of records in Nigeria political and electoral history.

In this post, Nigeria Informer will be stating some facts about the soft-spoken politician.

11 Facts About Mr. Peter Obi

Here are some quick facts about Mr. Peter Obi and his records.

He Is Married To A Non Igbo

We guess Mr. Peter Obi is one of those who believes in one Nigeria project. It is unknown to many people that the ever-beautiful wife of Peter Obi, Mrs. Margaret Obi is from Cross River state, in south -south Nigeria.

He Is A Graduate Of Philosophy

Due to his vast knowledge of economy and economic policies, many people think he is a graduate of economics or accountancy and some other management courses.

Peter is a graduate of philosophy from University of Nigeria Nsukka. He will remain an inspiration to many youths, undergraduates and graduates, that one cannot be limited or confineded by his course of study.

He Owns Only One House In Entire Nigeria

It will be shocking to many that a former governor and former chairman of three (3) commercial banks in Nigeria, alongside many other multinationals, owns only one house in Nigeria.

Perhaps, that is why Peter is regarded as an uncommon politician in Nigeria. The former governor owns just a home in commercial city of Onitsha in entire Nigeria.

He has often challenged his detractors to find and confiscate any house to his name found outside the one he occupies at Onitsha.

The Man Who Changed Election Timetable In Nigeria

Before 2006, no Nigerian believes that a sitting governor could be sacked for a stolen mandate.

This Peter Obi achieved when he challenged the outcome of 2003 election that enthroned Dr. Chris Ngige as governor of Anambra State and claimed his mandate at Supreme Court in the year 2006.

In series of interviews, the ever-smiling politician narrated how his family and friends asked him to back down from the election litigation.

He however, refused and asked his lawyers to remain in court and by March 2006 his faith and effort paid off.

Openly Accounted For His Stewardship On His Last Day Of Office

Unlike most public office holders in Nigeria, In March 2014, during his handover note, Mr. Peter Obi read out the statement of account of the state.

He went ahead and asked any party or persons interested in the account to feel free to verify the figures independently with banks where the state treasuries are lodged.

This is one of his achievements that won him governor of the decade by Thisday Newspapers.

First Governor To Serve Two Terms In Both Old & New Anambra State

Before his emergence, no governor of both old and new Anambra has succeeded with a second term bid.

This is a record Mr. Peter Obi smashed with his giant strides in governance and was overwhelmingly reelected for a second term on November 2010 Anambra State gubernatorial election.

He Was Removed Twice As Governor

Upon his assumption of office as governor and refusal to surrender state’s treasury to some powerful cabals in the state, Peter was illegally impeached at far away Asaba in the dead of the night.

This rascality, he challenged at law court and was reinstated by the court who declared the impeachment null and void.

Few months later, 2007 general election was conducted and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) went ahead to conduct gubernatorial election in Anambra State despite the fact the Mr. Peter Obi is yet to complete his four years term.

The election produced Dr. Andy Ubah as the governor of Anambra State. Peter Obi yet again approached the court for tenure interpretation.

The court cancelled the election and Peter Obi was allowed to continue and complete his tenure.

He Is Yet To Build A House At His Home Town

One of major characteristics of any successful Igbo man is to build a befitting house in his home town.But guess what? Peter Obi is not a typical Igbo man.

The billionaire trader is yet to put a stone on top of block in his home town of Agulu.

When he was quizzed as to why he is yet to do so, he responded that it makes no economic sense to build a very big mansion and not sleep nor use it for months.

He stated that his is comfortable to still use and sleep in his father’s own house with his brothers.

Never Used Siren As A Governor

In Nigeria, hardly will you find a governor with less than 15 exotic cars in his convoy and a heavy siren.

However, this cannot be said of Peter Obi who during his tenure moved round his state and Nigeria without sirens and heavy convoys.

Has Two Children

Mr. Peter Obi is blessed with two children, a boy and girl. His children are now adult graduates who live and work abroad.

He Refused Chieftaincy Title

As obtainable in most parts of Nigeria, governors during their tenures rack up chieftaincy titles and recognitions.

While serving as governor, Mr. Obi refused chieftaincy titles from many towns and societies and instead would be preferred to be addressed as “Mr” rather than a “Chief”.


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