Cost of Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria (2023)

How Much is Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

Most Nigerian car owners loves privacy and feel getting a tinted glass permit in Nigeria ensures them some privacy while riding.

Cost of tinted permit in Nigeria

In most countries, use of tinted glass in vehicles does not require approval and its a thing of choice.

In Nigeria before now, people are not required to get permit or approval for use of tinted glass in Nigeria.

But with high rate of crimes most perpetrated using vehicles with tinted glasses in Nigeria, restricted was placed on use on tinted glasses on vehicles in Nigeria.

The current situation and regulations on tinted glass in Nigeria is that motorists or car owners who wishes to use tinted glasses for their cars must apply and obtain tinted glass permit.

This is popularly called tinted permit in Nigeria.

In this post we will be providing our readers with informations on use of tinted glass in Nigeria.

Specifically, we will be discussing the cost of obtaining tinted permit in Nigeria as well as agency that issues license for tinted permit in Nigeria.

We hope through this article to answer numerous questions bordering in tinted permit in Nigeria.

Where To Get Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

What agency is responsible for issuance of tinted permit in Nigeria.

This is question lots of people who wish to obtain tinted glass permit normally asks.

The agency for tinted permit in Nigeria is the Nigeria Police Force.

This is government body or agency that issues tinted glass permit in Nigeria.

Cost of Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

Ordinarily, the charges for tinted permit in Nigeria does not exist.

The essence of the exercise is to have documentation of motorists using such so as to curb crimes.

But, with bottlenecks in the applications and processes, money are now being charged for tinted permit in Nigeria.

Currently, the cost of getting tinted permit in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N30,000 depending on your bargain power and skills.

How To Apply & Process Tinted Permit in Nigeria

Tinted glass permit can only be processed at police headquarters across the states and FCT.

So, for those asking where can I apply for tinted permit, this answers the question.

Below is steps to applying for tinted permit in Nigeria.

  • Visit Nigeria police force official website @
  • Click on tinted permit link on the website
  • Quickly register with your email to generate tinted application ID
  • Re-login to complete biodata and details of vehicle for tinted permit
  • Print out the data and submit at any Police command close to you

Also, you can visit police command, obtain these forms fill out and return for approval of tinted permit.

End Note on Tinted Permit Cost in Nigeria

How easy is it to get tinted permit in Nigeria. Getting tinted permit in Nigeria is easy and devoid of long processes.

However, it costs money to get tinted permit. Also, it is easier to get tinted permit for vehicles with factory fitted tinted glasses.

Though, if you are government official of high rank, you are entitled to use tinted glass for security and privacy.


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