Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Zimbabwe (2022)

Best Schools in Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of few African countries with high standards of education.

Best high schools in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one country that prioritize its education sector as a very crucial sector for national development.

This online publication is about the best high schools / secondary schools in Zimbabwe.

Best high schools in Zimbabwe are mostly international schools and top private schools in Zimbabwe.

Some of the best secondary schools in Zimbabwe are among the finest one can see on the continent.

In this post, we will be discussing the best high schools in Harare and Zimbabwe at large.

This information will be highly significant to parents and guardians who can stop at nothing to provide the very best education for their wards.

Christian high schools in Harare, Zimbabwe are among the best schools in Zimbabwe.

Here is an updated list of best secondary schools & high schools in Harare and Zimbabwe generally.

List of Best Secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Below is the roll call of the top and best high schools in Zimbabwe nation.

Harare International School

Harare International School is rated the best secondary school in Zimbabwe.

It is also regarded as the best high school in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

The school founded in1992 is a private and non-profit institution.

The top Zimbabwe high school offer both American and British curriculum.

The school is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, and the educational program is modeled along North American and International Baccalaureate (IB) guidelines.

It is one of the best high schools in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital.

St George’s College

Another best ranked high school in Harare and Zimbabwe is St. George’s College.

It is best all boys secondary school in Zimbabwe.

It is a Catholic high school renowned for academic excellence and discipline. St. George’s College boost of solid learning and academic infrastructure as well as highly certified and qualified teachers.

The school was founded in 1896 and has remained in the list of Best high schools in Zimbabwe.

St. John’s College

Another all boys high school in Zimbabwe that made it to the list of top best secondary schools in Zimbabwe is St. John’s College.

It is the best high school for a male child and boys.

Their curriculum and facilities puts them in the league of leading high schools in Zimbabwe.

Falcon College

Falcon College is one of the best secondary schools in Zimbabwe.

Apart from academic excellence, the school instill moral values, discipline and Christian values in its students.

The college is a quality high school in Zimbabwe.

Chisipite Girls High School

Chisipite Girls High school is the best all girls high school in Zimbabwe.

The School will provide a learning environment which motivates students to achieve their full academic potential and encourages them to think creatively, critically and independently.

Arundel School

Arundel School is another top and high ranking all girls school in Zimbabwe.

The school has about 45 teaching staff and boosts of world class academic facilities like libraries and laboratories.

It is a good school for girls in Zimbabwe.

More on Best High Schools in Harare, Zimbabwe

Lomagundi College

Lomagundi College is one of the best boarding schools in Zimbabwe.

The school is located very close to Harare, Zimbabwe capital city.

The school prides itself on grooming pupils with great values, discipline and academic excellence.

It is a good boarding high school in Zimbabwe.

Girls College

Another all girls secondary school making the list of best secondary schools in Zimbabwe is Girls College.

The institution is located at Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

It is one of the best schools for a girl child in Zimbabwe.

Teachers of Girl’s College are well trained and certified and help bring out the best in the students.

Peter House College

Peter House College made the list of best schools in Zimbabwe.

The Christian high school is renowned for high academic standards and discipline.

Facilities at Peter House College are top notch and this aids in students learning.

It one of the most popular high schools in Zimbabwe.

Prince Edward High School

Prince Edward High School cannot be left out of best high schools in Zimbabwe.

It is one of the schools that serves as models in the country.

The school is well enqipped for overall learning and promotion of academic activities.

It operates a very good and standard curriculum which ground its pupils in pursuit of further studies.

Mazowe Boys High School

Mazowe Boys High school is one of the most popular all boys high school in Zimbabwe.

It is also a top school in the country and have contributed significantly in education of the young minds in Zimbabwe.

Gateway High School

Gateway high school which is a Christian denomination owned secondary school is one of the best high schools in Zimbabwe.

The top Zimbabwean secondary school boost of solid infrastructure and quality teaching staff.

It is a high performing high school in Harare of Zimbabwe.


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