Top 5 Best Areas To Live In Enugu

There is no doubt that Enugu, the capital of Enugu state is one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Nigeria.

best places to live in enugu

The city is the best place to be in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

What are the best areas to live in Enugu? this will be answered using this post.

It is a city known for its orderliness, good transportation systems, good night life and quality real estate.

As rural to urban migration continues to grow, people continue to make their ways into mega cities in search of employment opportunities, better living and good social amenities.

In Nigeria, there a very few cities that never sleeps. Some of these cities are Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu.

Enugu state was formerly under the old Anambra state and was carved out in the year 1991.

Right from its days of old Anambra state, the Enugu city has presented its inhabitants with qualitative and serene environment.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be examining the best areas and neighborhoods to live in Enugu.

These are neighborhood that has the best social life, basic amenities, residential homes etc. 5 best neighborhoods in Enugu are discussed below.

These are the most beautiful places to live in Enugu city.

Independence Layout

The dream of most Enugu residents is to reside at Independent Layout.

This area boasts of some of the most serene neighborhoods in not just Enugu but the entire country, Independent Layout has good road network and is just downright gorgeous.

Nightlife at Independent Layout is great experience.

The neighborhood houses popular night clubs like Orange Room and Villa Toscana.

Independence Layout is also the seat of Enugu state government, hosting both the state governor’s office otherwise known as the Lion Building and the state House of Assembly complex.

Accommodation and residential houses at Independence Layout is however costly compared to other places in the Coal City. A 2-bedroom flat at Independent Layout can go as high as N20,000-N22,000 per month.

Restaurants at independent Layout is not cheap as obtained at other parts of the city.

A plate of meal can go for a thousand naira unlike two to three hundred obtained at other parts of the city.

There is no open market in the area as it is purely residential and office areas.

Most residents of Independent Layout depend on Ogbete main market to make most of their purchases especially food stuff.

Independence Layout also has some top schools and colleges in its neighborhood like the Gab Selina School located just close to the Enugu State Government House and Pine Crest College Along Presidential Hotel Road.

Government Reserved Area (GRA)

The Government Reserved Area (GRA) in Enugu city is another area that is very cool, calm and good to live.

Some of the best outdoor recreational facilities like golf course and the Polo Park Shopping Mall can be found at Enugu GRA.

Some top offices and popular areas in the area include ESUT Teaching Hospital, Enugu state government secretariat complex as well as The Central Bank of Nigeria regional headquarters.

Most of the biggest commercial banks in the country also have their regional headquarters in GRA Enugu.

Top luxurious estates and residential county in eastern Nigeria can be found in Enugu GRA like Zoo Estate and the New Golf Estate.

All the good things in GRA do not come cheap as renting a 3-bedroom bungalow in this part of the city can go for N400,000 every year.

New Haven

New Haven is a “small city” on its own. Located within the heart of the city, New Haven is one great place to reside in Enugu.

New haven is popular for housing some of commercial startups, joints and inns in coal city.

It is also part of Enugu bubbling with night life. Its streets are filled with the liveliest of bars with human movements and activities all round the clock.

Accommodation at new haven doesn’t come cheap too. Three (3) bedroom flat at the neighborhood can go for N300,000 or more yearly.

Achara Layout

Achara Layout is a choice area for low-income earners. It is peaceful, orderly and relatively has good road network.

Achara Layout is mostly filled with blocks of flats. The prices of these flats vary depending on their location within Achara Layout.

Two (2) bedroom flats within the Mayor and Igbariam axis of Achara Layout typically starts from N156,000 to N180,000 per annum.

The area also has some of the best roads linking the neighborhood with other parts of city and markets.

Ogui Road

The famous Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, home of Rangers International Football Club of Enugu also known as the cathedral is in Ogui road.

The neighborhood has significant number of fast food restaurants scattered over the area with high patronage and movements at evening and night times.

The cost of renting a house in this area starts from N18,000 to N40,000 monthly depending on the type, features and age of the apartment.

More still, Ogui Road being one of the most important roads in the city has a good road transport system connecting it to other parts of the city.

Ogui road is very close to popular Ogbete market in Enugu and has multiple chain and departmental stores.

Shopping is easy if you are living in Ogui road. Top private and international schools can also be found in the area.


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  1. good morning, i found this article very enlightening as i have plans on relocating to enugu, getting information of a selfcontain would be really helpful. in locations like independence layout, achara or Ogui road would mean alot.

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