Top 10 Best & Biggest Football Clubs in Africa (2024)

Top Football Clubs in Africa

The game of football in Africa is on a steady growth and improvement.

Top football clubs in Africa

The level and standards of football sports in Africa cannot be equated to those of Europe and South America.

However, this does not in any way affect birth of football talents in African continent.

This post will focus on review of the best football clubs in Africa.

The best African football club side are very popular and from always compete at club world cup tournaments.

So, find out about the massive and best African football clubs.

The ranking of top best African football /soccer clubs will be based on matches and performance at the CAF champions leagues.

Also, to get better rating of top soccer and football clubs in Africa, we will put into cognizance the CAF ranking of football clubs in Africa.

The continent has produced some of the biggest football players in world with the likes of George Weah, Samuel Eto, Didier Drogba and Kanu Nwankwo to name but a few staking claims in the talent of Africans in football game.

To develop football game in Africa further, most nations of the continent has a national or top division football league tournament as well as Continental football club competition known as CAF Champions League.

Some of these football clubs in African continent are so massive and highly regarded across the continent.

In this post, we will be discussing the top football clubs in Africa.

In this article we may refer to these African top football clubs as best or biggest football clubs in Africa.

Some of the criteria for determining the best and top soccer clubs in Africa is the performance on the world stage at club world football tournament as well as performances in national leagues and Continental league tournaments.

So, in this post, we bring to you the best and most successful football clubs in Africa.

Top Africa Best Football Clubs

Some of the best and biggest football clubs in Africa attracts the best talents in the continent.

Some of these Africa top football clubs are also among the richest football clubs in Africa.

Also they are among the football clubs in Africa with best stadiums and fan base.

These popular football clubs in Africa are well known across Europe and South America. Here are top Football clubs in Africa.

Al Ahly – Egypt

Al Ahly of Egypt is rated the best and biggest African football club.

The football club was founded in 1907 and has remained in Egypt top football division since existence.

With 38 league titles and 35 cups, Al Ahly is considered the most successful football club in Egypt.

The club has 8 CAF champions league titles to their trophy cabinet.

They have also recorded so much success on the Continental level which leaves them ranked among Africa best and most successful football clubs in Africa.

TP Mazembe – Congo DRC

Also rated top football club in Africa is TP Mazembe.

The Congo DRC football club reached a milestone when they played final of club world cup against Inter Milan in 2010.

Currently, TP Mazembe is the strongest and most successful football club in Congo DRC winning back to back league titles between 2011 to 2014.

They are also a very popular opponent in CAF champions league, a tournament they have won in more than three occasions.

Esperance de Tunis- Tunisia

Esperance de Tunis is popularly known as Espérance Sportive de Tunis.

It is a top and most popular football club in Tunisia.

The football club is rated among elite football clubs in Africa.

Their exploits in CAF champions league and other Continental football competitions makes them top football club in Africa region.

Enyimba FC – Nigeria

Enyimba football club is arguably the most successful football club in Nigeria and a renowned football club in Africa.

The football club was founded in 1976 and is based in commercial city of Aba, in Abia state.

The club won CAF champions league twice and has 8 league titles. It is the best and biggest football club in Nigeria.

Al Hilal – Sudan

Another top ranking football club in Africa is Al Hilal.

The club is the biggest football club in Sudan and one of the brightest sides on African continent.

They boost of 26 league titles since coming into existence in 1930.

Mamelodi Sundowns FC – South Africa

Mamelodi Sundowns popularly known as Sundowns is South Africa based football club which plays in South Africa top tier football league.

Mamelodi is the most successful football club in South Africa, winning Premier Soccer League for record of 11 times.

They were also the champions of Africa in 2016 when they won CAF champions league.

Mamelodi Sundowns FC is one football clubs with best talents and players in Africa.

They are most successful football club in South Africa.

El Zamalek – Egypt

El Zamalek is ranked second most successful football club in Egypt behind Al Ahly.

The club have never suffered relegation from Egypt top tier football division.

They have raked up 26 league titles and 5 CAF champions league.

El Zamalek football club is a force to reckon with in Africa and they are one of the biggest football clubs in Africa continent.

Wydad Casablanca – Morocco

Wydad Casablanca is top football club in Morocco and Africa.

They are the biggest soccer team in Morocco. Wydad Casablanca has 18 league titles, 9 national cups and a CAF champions league in their trophy cabinet.

All these puts them in the hall of one of the most successful football clubs in Africa.

Al-Merreikh – Sudan

Another Sudanese football club in this list of best football clubs in Africa is Al-Merreikh.

It is one of the few clubs to have won the CAF champions league.

They also have 16 league titles which makes them one of the biggest football team in Sudan.

Their CAF champions league title makes them an elite football club in Africa.

Etoile du Sahel – Tunisia

A top football club team in Africa worthy of mention in this post is Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia.

They are one of the richest football clubs in Africa.

They have won numerous national and Continental titles.

Etoile du Sahel is one of the football clubs in Africa that pay highest salaries.


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