Top 10 Best Construction & Engineering Companies In Nigeria (2023)

No nation can grow infrastructure wise without top quality construction and engineering firms.

top construction companies in nigeria

This blog article is a review of Nigeria’s best construction companies.

These construction firms undertake the designing and construction of top-quality structures and infrastructure like rail lines, bridges, roads, buildings etc.

There exists many construction and engineering companies in Nigeria both foreign and local ones.

In this article, Nigerian Informer will be discussing top ten of these construction companies.

In coming up with the list of top construction companies Nigeria, the following parameters where put into consideration: organogram and operational capacity, size and magnitude of projects handled, efficiency, track records and overall management.

For young engineers and engineering students who wish to build career with top construction and engineering companies,this article will be of high significant.

The list of top construction companies in Nigeria in this post is in no order.

Best Engineering & Construction Companies In Nigeria

Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited have carved a niche for themselves in construction of roads and bridges.

The company has operated in Nigeria construction space for over 35 years. Dualization of Port Harcourt Owerri road is one of the many wonders of Setraco Nigeria Limited.

The company operates in more than 15 Nigerian states.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation is a top Chinese construction company operating in more than 50 countries.

The construction company is highly present in Lagos and Abuja. It is the company handling the Lagos rail line construction.

CCECC is one of the world 100 best construction companies.

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is one of the most popular and reputable construction companies in Nigeria.

The company is renowned for handling top constructions in Nigeria like Bridges, Airports and Stadiums.

Some major edifices in Nigeria were handled by Julius Berge Nigeria Plc. The company has never disappointed in terms of quality and standards.

Dantata & Sawoe Construction Company

Dantata & Sawoe construction company is one of the top indigenous construction company in Nigeria.

The company was co-founded by Abdulkadir Dantata and is regarded as one of Nigeria’s largest privately-owned construction companies.

The company has handled projects like road constructions, buildings constructions etc.

Reynolds Construction Company (RCC)

Reynolds Construction Company is a household name in Nigeria construction and engineering space.

The firm is known for handling top quality and sophisticated projects. The Switzerland company has been operating in Nigeria since 50s.

The company has handled top projects like construction of OAU, Enugu Onitsha Expressway with flyovers etc.

Saidi Nigeria Limited

Saidi Nigeria Limited is one of the reputable construction firms in Nigeria. Since it took off in 1997, the company has not taken any wrong foot, handling top government constructions like Housing estates and Dams etc.

Arab Contractors

Arab Contractors is a leading African construction company headquartered in Egypt. The construction company is one of A list construction firms in Nigeria.

The company handles magnificent projects like airports, roads and bridge constructions in Nigeria. The company has high presence at Abuja, Nigeria capital.

Costain West Africa

To list on Nigeria Stock Exchange is a show of prosperity and growth, Costain West Africa is one of the pioneer constructions companies to list on Nigeria stock exchange.

It is one of the oldest top construction companies with its Nigeria headquarter in Lagos state.

Brunelli Construction Company

Brunelli Construction Company has been carrying out prestigious civil engineering contracts in Nigeria.

The company was incorporated in 1972 and some of their construction specialties is, Jetty construction, diaphragm wall installation etc. The company is headquartered in Italy.

Adold Engineering Company Limited

Adold Engineering Company limited is an engineering and construction development company incorporated in 1976.

Adold Engineering has become an integral part of engineering and construction Industry in Nigeria.

The company has operated in Nigeria for over 30 years and have done projects for CBN, Shell, UBA, Leadway Insurance etc.


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