Top 10 Best Football Stadiums in Africa (2024)

Africa Best Football Stadiums & Pitch

Some of football stadiums in Africa can be compared with biggest in Europe and America in terms of capacity and size. Not many football stadiums in Africa is of standard facilities,but some African football stadiums stand out as best football stadiums in Africa and their countries.

Africa Best Stadiums


However, most stadiums in Africa not well enqipped and are short of adequate facilities and poor pitch needed for best soccer and footballing experience.

Despite the problems faced with growth amd improvement of football in Africa of which goods facilities is one of them, there are some world class stadiums that can be found in Africa.

From South Africa to Egypt to Nigeria, some of these nation boost of some of the Africa biggest and most beautiful stadiums in the continent.

The argument never ends especially among soccer fans on which country has the best & biggest football stadium in Africa.

All these and more will be dissected in this article.

So, after a meticulous research, we will be unveiling the best stadiums in Africa currently.

So, find out top and most beautiful football stadiums in Africa through reading this post.

List of Top Stadiums in African & Locations

Below is the roll call of Africa finest stadiums and countries where these Africa most beautiful stadiums are also located.

This list is based on our research and findings after accessing stadiums in Africa with largest capacity and facilities.

Soccer City Stadium – South Africa

Soccer City Stadium located in South Africa also known as FNB Stadium (First National Bank Stadium) is rated the best and biggest football stadium in Africa.

The stadium which was built in 1987 has massive 94,700 capacity.

Soccer City Stadium is situated at Johannesburg one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa.

The stadium is fondly remembered for hosting the opening and closing ceremonies and matches of 2010 FIFA world cup.

It is also home of Kaizer Chief FC, South Africa top tier football club.

Soccer City Stadium sits at top of the biggest stadiums in Africa.

It is also stadium with the best pitch and facilities in African continent.

Borj Al Arab Stadium – Egypt

Borj Al Arab Stadium the home stadium of Egypt national football team is also among the biggest and best stadiums in Africa.

The stadium boost of massive 86,000 capacity.

Also, Borj Al Arab Stadium is a multi purpose stadium suitable for both track and field events.

It is ranked second best stadium in Africa.

Moses Mabhida Stadium – South Africa

The Durban based Moses Mabhida Stadium is also in the list of biggest and best stadiums in Africa.

The stadium which was named after former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Moses Mabhida has a whooping 70,00p seat capacity.

It is one of the host stadiums for 2010 FIFA world cup. Some facilities at Moses Mabhida includes: terminals for passengers, a station, parking, and park & ride facilities.

It is indeed one of Africa finest stadiums.

Cape Town Stadium – South Africa

Cape Town Stadium in South Africa is one of the best football stadiums in South Africa.

The stadium is used both for soccer and rugby matches.

It is 69,070 seats capacity stadium. It is one of its kind in Africa which makes it rank among the most beautiful and enqipped stadiums in Africa.

Cape Town Stadium is the home ground of Ajax Cape Town football club.

Godswill Akpabio Stadium – Nigeria

Godswill Akpabio international stadium situated at Akwa Ibom, Nigeria is the best stadium in Nigeria and one of the best and largest stadiums in Africa.

The stadium which was modeled in the like of Emirate stadium, home ground for Arsenal football club is currently regarded as the home of Nigerian’s national football team.

It is a 30,000 seat capacity stadium. It is very facilitated with its grass looking evergreen.

It is the only stadium in Nigeria to be rated among the finest in Africa.

Peter Mokaba Stadium – South Africa

This is a 46,000 seat capacity stadium located at Polokwane, South Africa.

It is regarded as one of the best stadiums in Africa with good facilities and surface.

It is part of the host stadiums for 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa.

This stadium was used to immortalize late South African activist and politician, Peter Mokaba.

Both football matches and rugby matches are played in this stadium.

Mbombela Stadium – South Africa

Also in the list of best stadiums in Africa is Mbombela Stadium in South Africa.

The stadium was built in preparation for FIFA 2010 world up in South Africa.

The sporting facility boost of 40,929 seat capacity and was opened in the year 2009.

It made our list of football stadiums in Africa that are standard and well enqipped.

Stade D’Angondjé – Gabon

The Stade D’Angondjé also known as Libreville Friendship Stadium is ranked alongside African top football stadium.

This stadium has one of the best pitch in Africa which is well treated and evergreen.

It is a 40,000 seat capacity stadium constructed by a Chinese construction firm.

This stadium has hosted some of the Africa biggest football events the AFCON in 2012 and in 2017.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium – South Africa

Nelson Mandela stadium which is situated at Port Elizabeth, South Africa is one of the largest football stadiums on African continent.

It is among the host stadiums for world biggest football event, FIFA world cup.

The pitch of Nelson Mandela stadium is very smooth and beautiful.

Chiazi National Stadium – Angola

Angola national stadium called Chiazi National Stadium is a top stadium and sport facility in Africa.

The 20,000 capacity stadium is built for both field and track events.

It among stadiums in Africa with good and high quality pitch.

The sports Monument was built by Chinese company, China Jiangsu International.

Conclusion on Africa Best Stadiums

It very clear and noticeable that South Africa leads the way with some of the largest and finest stadiums in Africa.

This is not surprising as the country is the first and only African country to have hosted the world biggest football event, the FIFA World Cup.

So, such a big event has left the country with some of the world class football stadiums and pitch in Africa.


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  1. The stadium in Nigeria is not Samuel ogbemudia but Godswill Akpabio International stadium located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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