Top 5 Best Nigerian Local Rice (2023)

The presidential order from Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari putting a ban on importation of foreign rice into the country has been described by many as blessing in disguise.

best nigerian local rice

Before now, not so many people would have believed that Nigeria has the capacity to cater for its rice demand.

With the restrictions on the foreign rice importation into the country, farmers and investors have reacted and acted fast and accordingly.

This article will make an assessment of the best local rice in Nigeria that is stone free.

Best rice companies in Nigeria have all their products listed here in the Nigeria’s best local rice.

Today most Nigerian markets have been flooded with locally produced rice.

Nevertheless, there still exists sites of foreign rice in the markets and this is as a result of loopholes in our boarders and lack of will to keep to orders and implementation by stakeholders.

The good news remain that locally produced rice has gained much ground in the markets and are competing side by side with few smuggled foreign rices.

The major argument by consumers before now has been that our locally produced rice is not well processed, hence the rice always has some particles of stones and rice leaves in them.

But with big investors like Coscharis, House of CHI going into production, the game has changed.

Today, Nigerian locally made rice is beginning to be accepted by consumer as the quality has increased tremendously.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing top best locally produced rice in the Nigerian markets.

This are rice that can compete with the imported ones and has become widely accepted by consumers in the country.

Best Nigerian Local Rice

Below is the list of some best local rice brands in Nigeria. They are the best rice of events such as weddings, funeral and other social events in Nigeria.

Coscharis Rice

When big players like Coscharis moved into rice productions, it became clear that the game has changed.

Today, with a farm and processing plant located at Anambra north of Nigeria, Coscharis is producing rice of international quality and standards.

Coscharis Farm is home to hygienically fertilized and cultured rice grains processed by in house bio-experts into 100% Sortexed long grain.

The company has over 2500 hectares of rice farm in Anambra State. Coscharis rice is stone free and very easy to cook.

Big Bull Rice

Another Nigerian rice of international quality and standard is Big Bull. Big Bull rice is a product of House of CHI.

It is a premium quality parboiled rice that is made and processed in Nigeria. At first, most consumers never believed Big Bull rice is a locally produced rice.

Big Bull rice is available in multiple sizes of 50, 25, 10 & 5kg and in a new “No Wahala” packs of 2.25kg and 750g. The rice is stone free and easy to cook.


UMZA rice is another rice of high quality that is locally produced in Nigeria. The rice is produced by UMZA International Farms Limited in Ajingi, Kano.

UMZA rice is long grains and stone free. It is a popular rice production company in Nigeria.

Lake Rice

Lake rice is a locally produced rice of high quality. It is a product of partnership between Lagos and Kebbi states government.

The rice is well and widely sold across major food markets especially in Lagos. It is stone free, easy to prepare and cook.

When Lake Rice came on board, consumers didn’t think locally produced rice can come so good.

Al Hamsad Rice

This is a product of Al- Hamzad Rice Mills Limited. The company produces both white and parboiled rice.

Al Hamsad rice is a good example of how consumers wants our locally made rice produced: long grains, stone free and well milled and washed.


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